US Senate Power Balance Has Shifted

Damian Muziani, hosting a Hindsight 2021 segment featuring his endorsement of Senator Joe Manchin (WV) over a decade ago.

Congress now has full Hindsight. The current edition of the popular weekly news satire capsule was delivered with a surprise; host Damian Muziani’s endorsement of West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin, a key politician in a tightly-divided US Senate. Muziani appeared on MSNBC’s Hardball program last decade to endorse Manchin, who was running for an open Senate seat and trailing behind in polling against rival John Raese. Days after Muziani’s live segment aired, Machin overtook Raese in the polls and went on to win the election. His position in a 50/50 Senate as a centrist Democrat means that his vote is now nearly as valuable as that of tie-breaker Kamala Harris. Watch this intriguing dynamic timeline on Hindsight 2021 below!