Would you wish to age gracefully, have a stress-free life and become lustrous all day long? Then, pinpoint the challenges you are facing, in addition; introduce positivity, gratuity, compassion, and laughter into your life.

Work on your list day by day, by getting rid of the stress issues that bring you down.

Here are the tips that would lead to a stress-free experience.


Meditation is a key to unlock your stress levels.  Cleanse your mind from negativity and wicked thoughts. Breathe in and out while listening to your body’s actions. Refresh your memory and empty every stressful thought while heeding to yourself. Meditate, inhale, and exhale for 15 minutes and it will work wonders.

Introduce a timeline procedure.

The secret is to learn how to prioritize your goals. Do not be in a hurry or become busy to discover a specific shortcut in life. It is about learning on how to achieve ambitions in a stress-free methodology.

Adapt a to-do list and tabulate every task, activities or assignments or any job that you are supposed to do. It will reduce exhaustion and enhance a timely delivery.

Stress can make you feel grumpy and lead to complications in your life. Being stressful can lead to diseases like diabetes, heart failure, migraine headache, and many other complications. To that effect, it is advisable to avoid stress like the plague.

Learn how to balance priorities.

Life is about balancing. Design your life beautifully for a better sprout. There are peaks and valleys to encounter along the way, but be smart in picking up your choices. Let it not overwhelm your well-being. Make good use of an equilibrium. The peaks should not be too high on the other hand; the valleys should not be too low.  Keep balancing!

Be Positive.

Spread delightfulness like bush fire. Infect this virus of positivity to as many people as you can. In the end, you will be around real people. Encircle yourself with people who are non-serious on petty issues. These people do not take life too somber. They make their time on a judgment. Their weighing scale is always in use. Watch their smile!

Positivity is a means that lead to happiness and contentment. You will only make it in life when you wear an “I can do it” attitude. You can endure challenges in life when in a positive mood. Positivity will change your thoughts on adverse reactions.  Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.  Charles R. Swindoll.

Compassion, acceptance and moving on.

Surround yourself with compassionate minds. I mean those that would be offended at an instant and, next minute they laugh, and make merry. They are quick in making peace. They are light-hearted. Their fist is never too fast to boxing.  Their tongue has some degree or measurement, which is cautious not to spit venom. They do not allow their heart to pump so hard when in anger. They have shock absorbers in them.

Learn how to ‘vibrate’ your wordings or speech with prudence. Your heart will always be at peace.  If caught up in a mess due to your actions, accept the encounter and live as you have never experienced yesterday’s challenge.

Love yourself

Modify your feelings for a better tomorrow!  Life is what you make it. Love your life and submerge into the sea of its loveliness.  Spread your wings too!

“I think being in love with life is a key to eternal youth” Doug Hutchison

Avoid constant worry. Try to eat healthily. Stress is a tool that can make your lifespan shortened – It will “hike to zero” within no time. All that matters is being happy.

Enjoy and laugh even to the tiniest joke, make fun, be compassionate, and above all read lots of spiritual and uplifting script. Express your joy with laughter infecting everyone that comes your way. Laughter is contagious.