He believes in team work

An environmental science always a first love for him, he have founded a non-government organization (NGO) ‘Nature’ for the awareness among the youth to contribute towards environment. He have led many awareness programs and service camps. His NGO has done marvelous work so far, planted more than 100 thousands plants in different parts of Gujarat in India, as they have active 1500 volunteers now. Dinesh Barot was born in a remote village of Vadodara in Gujarat, India. He holds honors in bachelor of science and post graduate diploma in Mass Communication. Being an educationist and working for ‘to provide better education’ to needy people.

He is an associated with various sports, to organize activities of sports like Cricket, Tennis, Football, etc. “We inspire the youth and specially girls to participate in different games. I have been appointed as a State Commissioner Scout for scouting activities. Being one of the founders of Vadodara Literature Festival, my objective is to create interest in literature in different languages. As a result of this honored- appreciated 78 national and international recognition awards”, Dinesh recalls.

He has grown up in middle class family after going through ups-down in life. He have decided to dedicate his focus towards empowering women, as girls are in India facing various resistance in the term of freedom of life. Girls were forced to early marriage, gender discrimination, lack of health awareness, etc.

The World is facing mainly climate change & environmental problems, lack of health care facilities, poverty, racism, etc. We all knew many leading agencies like WHO, UNESCO and many more are working better today but the main goal of these institutions can be easily achieved by the active participation of people and by active socialism. “We can inspire the youth by some programs including sports as: Sports through Peace, Sports through Health & Hygiene and Sports through Social Work. In addition of that we can make a chain of the people through which we can solve the problems at some extent”, Dinesh says.

Dinesh think social responsibilities of individuals are going to be a key part to save our planet from all the issues. As we all witnessed pandemic situation of COVID-19 , only social responsibilities can make us to survive in better way. Everyone has to contribute to overcome from all these problems. People must be trained and educated and also make aware through their responsibilities.  Every individual must have to play their role to make the world better.

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Dinesh have shared some thoughts around ‘How he sees importance of women in the coming years’? – Women are the most important part of this world. They always play a vital role in every situation. They have to come forward and educate themselves. Voluntarily spread awareness and Social media is a good tool to get information on causes all of us, in organized way women must have to find out the key issues and make a group of like- minded skilled women to fight the problems.

He wish to extend his social services and work globally but due to lack of financial support, he is trying to mange to drive to the best level. “If we unite all the like-minded people in a team then result of every efforts would be effective”, Dinesh said.