Stress is the number one killer.  Every disease can be traced to stress.  It weakens the immune system so that all the potential diseases that are in our cells can overcome the body’s natural defenses.  According to the science of Epigenetics, our thoughts and beliefs carry frequencies that can activate, or deactivate, the diseases in our cells.  (For a thorough discussion on the topic, see the book Biology of Belief by Dr. Bruce Lipton.)

In our daily life, stress shows up in other ways, too.  When we have a burst of anger, extreme sadness or depression, intense crying, strong self-doubt, and so many other powerful emotions, it’s rarely because of a single event that just happened.  The usual cause is a buildup, an aggregation, of stress; many small irritants that have accumulated.

Interestingly, we think we have let those small things go.  The dog that woke you at 3:00 in the morning.  The favorite dish that was broken by accident.  The relationship that is mired in distrust.  The job that you hate, but it pays well, so you stay.  The spouse who has a need for ongoing care 24/7.  And the list goes on.  We think we have let all of that go…until we reach a tipping point and it all comes flooding out.

Stress Reveals Character” (or Does it?)

That’s an expression that I find offensive.  Why?  Because it has very limited application; mostly in sports where the stress being discussed is the positive kind, eustress.  Yet, managers in companies, spouses, parents, etc. love to use it to say that, because a person has not succeeded at some level, they have shown that who they are is weak and incapable.

Stressed people become what is required to adapt and survive.  The human mind is designed to protect its host, the body.  When it senses stress in the body, it starts shutting off parts of the brain it feels is unnecessary for survival.  This is why a person’s behavior is said to be “unlike them”, possibly going from being well-grounded to erratic.

There are many ways people have found to deal with stress from daily life in order to try to keep being the real “them”.  Here’s a non-exhaustive list of the ways:

  • a daily dose of prescription medicine
  • exercising
  • meditation
  • prayer
  • herbs
  • alcohol

Pushing the reset button

Just suppose that there’s a way to truly release and feel the relief from daily stress without any of the aforementioned items.  Imagine being able to push a reset button to center yourself.  This reset button is so powerful that stress instantly drops from your body so that you have clarity of thought, focused attention, certainty of a positive outcome, and a feeling of power throughout your body.  That tense feeling in your head, shoulders, neck, back, and stomach melt away. You see options that you were previously unable to see.  You begin to feel like the ‘real’ you again!

How would that change your life?  The world?  What a wonderful new way of thinking!