Finding a thing that makes you happy has become a difficult task nowadays, as we are more and more concerned with our jobs and our everyday duties. While there are many things that can bring some happiness to your life, the easiest way to improve your mood is to focus more on your hobbies, according to the researchers.

Studies That Confirm Hobbies Can Make Us Happier

The researchers from The Society for Personality and Social Psychology found out that spending more time on what we love to do and not focusing on making money makes us happier. They invented two characters called “Maggie” and “Tina” and gave them different characteristics, then asked people who they liked more. Tina was the girl who wanted to work less while Maggie was the representation of a hard-working person who wants to earn as much money as possible. Most of the people who completed the survey said they liked Tina more.

How Can Hobbies Turn Us Into Happy People

When it comes to things we like to do in our free time, there is a wide range of activities we can choose from. Our hobbies change throughout the years. According to the researchers, these are the most popular and relaxing hobbies:

  • Cycling

  • Taking walks

  • Playing with pets

  • Playing different sports

Some hobbies, like cycling, for example, not only help us relax and get happier but they also improve our physical and psychological health. When we exercise, our bodies eliminate the stress and our muscles start working, pumping more blood to our brains, which helps us relax and get in a good mood.

The Difference Between A Job You Love And A Hobby

The saying “Choose a job you love and you will never have to work a day in your life” might be true but turning your favourite activity into a daily job might mean that you gave up a hobby and you started working more. Of course, it is really important to love what you do for a living but you need to get involved in other relaxing activities when you get home and you should always have time for your hobbies.

The difference between a job and a hobby is that you choose to do the activity you call a hobby without having to. Also, hobbies are stress-free and the only emotions you feel related to them are in the case you get involved in a competition or you have to do a public presentation.

In conclusion, we should focus more on doing things we love without expecting to get some money out of these activities and we should all take a few hours daily for ourselves. Whether you play football, go cycling or like to take photos, you should enjoy these little things more often. Even though you won’t win as much money, you will have lots of other benefits that will definitely make a difference in your life!