Language and diction have always fascinated me as have the multiplicity of meanings from the page to the stage…I often learn from reading aloud as on the page I think I know the meaning and move on, but when I allow myself to hear the spoken words, the meaning seems to multiply.

…is it the whole in our souls or the agony of defeat? / is it a whole in our consciousness that makes for evil? / is it the hole in my clothes or is there another measure of holiness? / is it the whole in our consciousness that drains and strains our relations with others? / is there a hole I can peep through to see the answers?

I was locked in prayer when the voices of another sayer came forward in the conversation and spoke…my choice was to hear or listen, to listen or to wave on…

Deep from within the universe of my hole, I see light which calls to question, “is it this light that challenges me to embrace or shall I go forward with another unguided chapter?”

There is no escape from the truth, only delayed response time and the whole my soul is a highway with many exits, potholes and fueling stations.

Freedom Lives Second to accepting the Truth, and the step after Truth is Heaven on Earth.

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