Back to school is near, and the holidays follow, so I’m going to try my best to stay calm, cool and collective starting now. My goal is to get more beauty sleep, and to re-arrange and re-design my bed room. I want to be more relaxed and feel more zen after a long hard day’s work. Ideas started swirling around my head, thanks to a wonderful opportunity to meet with Bobby Berk and Dr. Eve Van Cauter before my summer break.

Not only is Bobby Berk a funny and talented interior design expert for the Netflix series Queer Eye, but he is quite an entrepreneur. In addition to his online store Bobby Berk Home, interior design services in Los Angeles, appearances on television networks such as HGTV, NBC, CBS and Bravo — he recently collaborated with Sleep Number by sharing his bedroom design tips and why he loves his Sleep Number 360 smart bed! Here are some of Bobby Berk’s tips that I find very helpful.

Image by Lifestyle411.

• Start with a fresh bed. Per Bobby Berk, “If you’re a new couple, get a new bed.” It’s economical if you have a mattress that’s in like-new condition. If not, then be sure to gift yourselves a new mattress for a fresh new start. Whether you’re sleeping alone or with someone special, a good mattress is key to quality sleep. Bobby Berk recommended a mattress made for couples with dual controls that offers a customized sleep experience for each individual, such as Sleep Number 360 smart bed that adjusts to various firmness and temperature requirements for each person.

• Don’t forget the bedding and pillows. According to Bobby Berk, “If your bedding is comfortable, seasonally appropriate, clutter-free, and appealing, you’ll sleep better. I like to add layers of texture in neutral colors. Throws and soft rugs can help create a cozy feel and promote relaxation.”

• Pay attention to what’s on the nightstand. Bobby Berk suggested a nightstand should have closed storage, in order to keep your belongings hidden and organized. Clutter can be stressful, and a de-cluttered space can promote happiness in the bedroom. A night light or under the bed lighting that won’t disturb your partner’s sleep when you wake up early or go to the toilet in the middle of the night is important.

• Go dark with colors. “I wouldn’t paint a room a bright color in the bedroom. I either like all white or I love a dark, black bedroom.” Bobby Berk thought it’s more sexy, it’s romantic and relaxing.

Eve Van Cauter, PhD, Professor in the Department of Medicine at the University of Chicago, is internationally recognized for her work linking insufficient sleep duration or quality to excessive food intake, weight gain and an increased risk of diabetes. She has also uncovered the adverse effects of sleep disturbances on hormones, including stress hormones and sex hormones. She serves as a member of Sleep Number’s Sleep Advisory Council.

Image by Sleep Number and Dr. Van Cauter.

Here are some of Dr Van Cauter’s amazing tips that I share with my family and friends.

Daytime habits that will improve nighttime sleep quality.
• Have consistent bedtimes and wake up times.
• Get plenty of exposure to natural light during the day.
• Exercise regularly but avoid vigorous exercise 2-3 hours before bedtime.
• No caffeinated beverages or nicotine after 3 pm.
• Avoid large and/or late evening meals.• Avoid naps longer than 20 min.

Tips for the bedroom.
• Very dark – limit blue light.
• Very quiet, phone turned off.
• Cool (60-68) and pleasant.
• Comfortable bed surface and pillows.
• No work, no computers, no blue-light emitting alarm clock.

Tips for Preparing for Sleep
• Avoid alcoholic drinks.
• Plan on 7 to 8 hours in bed every night.
• Put your work and stress to sleep; avoid disturbing thoughts and upsetting conversations.
• Relax: hot bath or shower, light stretching, reading, meditation, music, listening to podcasts.

What if you wake up in the middle of the night?
• Don’t make a big deal out of it! You are not abnormal!
• Don’t toss and turn and check and double check the alarm clock.
• Get out of bed, and go read in another room. As soon as you feel sleepy again, go back to bed.