With the structure ready, it’s time to choose the finishes! Some say that this is the best part of the home renovation. After all, it is at that moment that our personal touch becomes more evident in the architecture and decoration of the home.

The choice of doors and windows, for example, carries a lot of the personality of the home owner and also the functionality that he wants to give to the environment. This is because they influence various aspects of the work: safety, ventilation, and lighting, among others.

That’s why we brought you this post with everything you need to know to make a smart, functional choice that enhances your home decor. And the best: without spending too much. See windows Winnipeg and be inspired!


The size and functionality of the environment are the first things to consider when choosing the ideal frames for the renovation of the house.

It is recommended that the doors are wide, thus avoiding possible restrictions on the elderly and wheelchair users, for example. In addition, wide doors favor the transport of furniture and other elements that will compose the environment when moving. It is also worth remembering that the entrance doors tend to be even wider than the doors of the internal rooms.

As for windows, it is common for them to be narrower in kitchens, bathrooms and corridors, but without losing the function of ensuring good ventilation and lighting for these rooms.

Regarding the architectural style of the frames, the choice will depend on the composition of your home’s decor. Later, we will talk about the main materials and combinations of door and window finishes.


As for prices, everything will depend on the technical features of the frames and also on the architectural style of the pieces. The more functional the chosen door or window – such as those with thermal and acoustic insulation, for example – the more expensive the piece will be.

Therefore, to save on the choice, the ideal is to consider the available budget and the needs of the room in question, prioritizing aspects such as safety and comfort in handling the piece.


The functionalities of frames are directly related to their technical composition. Sliding doors, for example, are extremely practical alternatives when it is necessary to save space in the room or even to share adjoining environments.

Below, check out other aspects to consider when choosing doors and windows for home renovation:


For outdoor areas, there is no doubt: you should choose those with firmer locks and a more rigid structure – to withstand weather conditions such as sun, rain and wind.


As we said, it is essential that the chosen frames favor the natural lighting of the environments. If the idea is to save money, the less you need to use artificial light, the cheaper the electric bill will be at the end of the month, right?

Glass doors are great allies in this regard. But just the fact that the installation is facing the north side of the house already guarantees adequate lighting, as this is the point where the sun shines all day.


The option for doors that offer sound insulation is not mandatory. However, if you live in a busier location, such as in large urban, commercial or high-traffic centers, it is worth investing in this functionality. The cost-benefit is guaranteed. And your peace too!

If you live in a quieter place, where there is only noise eventually, a good alternative to save is to opt for ceilings, carpets and curtains in the environment. These items also help to absorb noise and, without a doubt, are cheaper than specific frames for this function.


We saw that the north face of the house prioritizes the entry of light, however, do not overdo the installation of windows and doors at that point. Otherwise, the environment may become overheated.

In addition to the care with natural lighting, it is also necessary to consider the incidence of the winds when placing them. They must be installed in such a way that the air can enter, cool the room and leave immediately afterwards through another opening – the famous cross ventilation.