Home schooling advantages and disadvantages

We are in the middle of a health situation that has impacted us in all aspects.

We are in the middle of a health situation that has impacted us in all aspects. The closure of schools around the world has affected millions of children and young people in 185 countries, harming 89.4% of the planet’s student population, according to information provided by UNESCO on March 31, 2020.

We know that the coronavirus epidemic began in China, where the outbreak originated, but the speed has been so fast that in the first weeks of March 2020, both schools.

Jacob Kierkegaard of the Peterson Institute for International Economics in Washington said: “I have no data to offer, but I cannot think of any examples of any other time in modern times when advanced economies have closed schools nationwide for very long periods. prologues “

Thousands of schools have resorted to the use of technology to face this crisis and have implemented various digital options to be able to continue with the teaching processes from home, thus unifying the functions of the school in one place: “the House”.

The family has been affected in many areas, the social impact of working mothers, the disadvantages in the technological access in the homes, to mention a few, an extensive topic to be discussed at another time.

The fact today is that most people continue their studies from home, so I will cite some of the advantages and disadvantages of this reality.

Advantages of studying at home

  • The responsibility of the student is increased, since it does not depend on the school bell or the teacher’s call to attend their classes.
  • At home, in addition to occupying a table, you can have a larger space than that assigned in the classroom. In the same way, at home you can have access to cards, rulers, sheets to write down tasks, which you often forget for your class when you go to school. Using adjoining spaces, even the same floor, is also something that favors teaching.
  • The advancement of objectives that occurs at the individual level, avoiding the pressure to compete with the rest of your class.
  • The reduction of alliances or groups of exclusion among students.
  • Support between siblings in some ways, for example, the older ones can help the younger ones.
  • The reduction of group disorder, with the proper controls.
  • For example, the mother who did not realize that her son has difficulty holding the pencil and consequently writes more slowly, can help him to find alternative solutions.
  • Parents can see the level of mastery of content and group management by the teacher, as well as monitor the information they receive from teachers in certain areas and talk with their children adapting it to their family values.

Parents can observe:

  • Learning style (student).
  • Level of attention (student).
  • Level of commitment, among other aspects.

Disadvantages of home schooling

  • The increase in the rate of absenteeism, in case the student is left home alone without adult supervision.
  • The choice of an inappropriate place by the student to follow the virtual classes since they can take the class from places such as the room and even from the bed.
  • The limitations in the use of playful techniques for learning.
  • The limitations in the development and correction of physical exercise in subjects that necessarily require it such as dance, physical education, etc.
  • Social isolation.
  • Simultaneous supervision by parents, in the case of several children working.
  • The lack of direct supervision by the teacher to detect distracted students.
  • The haste in the selection of digital platforms (in case they did not previously have this resource) and consequently, the lack of mastery in access and navigation.

Although these are only some of the advantages and disadvantages that can be found in taking classes from home, it is worth mentioning that everything depends a lot on the economic, geographical, social or cultural conditions of the families.

For now, we know that after this, we will broaden our vision, depending on the role lived, father/mother of the family, teacher, or student.