Studio RMA[TM] CEO Robert Mechielsen[TM] has raised the industry standard with his development of the First US Carbon Neutral Safe SuperStructure[TM] for construction and architectural industries, corporations, and residential and commercial properties. Defying the odds of natural disaster with impressive aesthetic appeal, these Patent- Pending Inventions that are unique and exclusive to Safe SuperStructure[TM] will last for generations, leaving a legacy for families, future thinkers and celebrities—building the city of the future, today!

Explore the lessons learned in business and more about his forward-thinking ingenuity in this candid interview with Robert Mechielsen[TM].

What led you to this career and passion?

I grew up in Holland, and as a kid, my favorite TV show was “The Thunderbirds.” It had a super house on an island with rockets to save people—but my focus was on the house. I was constantly building it in Lego, and redesigning it. Once I knew what an Architect was, I knew what I wanted to do. I studied Architecture and Engineering at Delft University and also at the Beaus Arts in Paris.

In Paris, I connected with people behind the James Bond movies and started remodeling old farmhouses for them in the South of France. We would sort of chop them up and then introduce very modern elements into it. It was a very wicked style. Through the same contacts, I got a project in the Hamptons in the USA, and with Tom Krantz and Joseph Thomson of the Guggenheim design the concepts for the Mass Moce Museum in North Adams, MA. But I did not like the weather, so once I got a job in LA I left.

Arriving in LA seeing all the swimming pools and the palms I fell in love with it. I founded a Studio in Topanga, near Malibu, and stayed there for 25 years. Early on, I shifted to designing in 3-D with computers and even did some special effects for the movies.

Tell us more about the homes that you develop?

These Safe SuperStructure[TM] homes are 2 hr. fire-proof, hurricane-resistant, bullet- proof, super energy efficient and non-toxic. The walls and roofs are made with panels that have a center foam core with wire-meshes at each side and they are finished with 2-inch concrete on each side. The panels are modular and arrive pre-cut for the house.

  • 100% Allergy Free
  • 3-Hour Burn Rating
  • Made from Non-Toxic Recyclable Materials
  • No Mold/Mildew * Low Maintenance
  • No Termites
  • Bullet-Resistant
  • Cost-Efficient
  • Supreme Insulation with R50 Rating—Significant Energy & Cost Savings

For VERTIKAAL[TM] a design-build consultant for concrete mid and high-rise project, I developed proprietary software which rapidly auto-generates building designs, while simultaneously updating the construction costs. We purchase the reproduction rights from successful architects, chop these designs up in digital Lego blocks, ready to be redesigned on a variety of lot sizes. For example, a successful multi-use building in the city of Antwerp can be re-generated on a different sized lot in Boston.

With the current version we can design an apartment building in one hour with plans and renderings ready for building department submittal. We are working to run the software on a gaming platform where the designs can be manipulated with instant visual feedback and in cost estimations.

What obstacles have you overcome throughout your journey and how have you overcome them?

When I started with the Safe SuperStructure[TM] it was hard to get acceptance of the building system. People simply did not want to be a Guinea Pig. Nowadays it’s different, once the structures go up in a certain area more follow rapidly. We also have more traction via the internet. Many homeowners who want our homes are engineers and then spread the know how in their neighborhoods. We now do designs on almost all the States.

What’s the best advice would you give to yourself if you were just starting out in your career?

Do not give up on your ideas—and make sure you have enough money in the bank— because things always take longer than you think.

What individuals do you admire most and why?

I have tremendous admiration for Michael Angelo. His independence, his art and his wisdom are of great inspiration to me. The most interesting I found to be was that his belief that the sculpture was already hidden in the stone, all he needed to do is take away what was not needed.

What do you see as your greatest success in life?

That would be building the Hi’ilani Ecohouse. It ended up being the first carbon-neutral concrete structure in the USA. A lot of things we designed and built for the project were never done before. It was a very exciting journey. Learn more about there amazing work at