Fear and concern got you down? Time to put some plans in place.

For the past year, I have been running a small homeschool from home. I never thought about viruses apart from seasonal colds and influenza. I let the parents and students know to stay home when they get ill and I close if I am ill. It all worked well till the Coronavirus pandemic wreaked havoc across the world.

As it grows and businesses and countries struggle to get ahead of it I began to have concerns. I work from home and have students in and out through the day. Handwashing is encouraged even more so now. But will that be enough?

I began to have concerns about what I can do to protect myself, the students and my business. Here is a list of things I am doing that you can use too:

  • Inform the parents of your policy in light of the Coronavirus. Will you be closing? Will you follow government guidelines and/or have your own as well?
  • Prepare work for your students in advance [if possible].
  • Encourage students to drink more water and wash their hands throughout the day.
  • Stay up to date with government guidelines.
  • Create a plan to work with your students online if you close.

I have letters ready to go out to my parents as well as the ability to move my students onto my online platform if/when the Coronavirus comes to my country. For me, the safety of my students and family comes first, so I will close at the first sign of the virus taking over.