The COVID-19 pandemic has interrupted the normal flow of events in our lives. A lot of changes have happened from schools, daycares, churches, and businesses shutting down. As a result, homeschooling has become the norm of the year. Students have to continue with their studies even when still at home, which is challenging.

Both the students and parents are having a hard time adapting to this. There are a lot of disturbances at home, and the environment is not suitable for learning. Trying to navigate through the situation can be overwhelming, especially for parents with little kids. It’s their first time for most of the parents doing this, and they don’t know where to start.

 Here are some pointers to help you during this period:


Have a Homeschooling Schedule

Schools have routines that they follow. You can try to replicate that but be flexible. Following a schedule will help make homeschooling easy. As a parent, you can create a program or ask the kids to do it, and then you can approve. While creating it, consider the level of education of your children. Moreover, a kindergarten child will not have the same schedule as the eighth graders.

Combine the curriculum and extra-curriculum activities in the schedule. Have breaks in between the study sessions to do the additional extra-curriculum activities. Make the schedule as friendly as possible. Additionally, if you are working at home, it would be best to have a program that favors you and your kids.

Have a Designated Learning Space

Not every space in your house is appropriate for learning. If you try to study while on your bed, you will fall asleep. Also, you cannot study while the television is on. It will be hard to concentrate when there are distractions around you. Try to be organized as much as possible.

Importantly, you should have a table and chair for study purposes. Arrange all your learning materials on the table for easy access and also to save time. Also, post the schedule where it is easily visible to what tasks need to get done throughout the day. The place should always be clean to create an effective learning environment.

Be Understanding

Don’t put a lot of pressure on yourself and the kids. The whole situation can be stressful. Sometimes forcing things could lead to severe emotional distress. Not always will things go as you expect them to. While learning is necessary, especially during this time, you should not be very rigid with your schedule.

Flexibility is vital during this period. Importantly, don’t create a monotonous routine by doing the same thing day by day. It will get boring so fast. Have things that work out for your family, as well as try new things. Additionally, have some rules for the study sessions. It will be helpful since you being their parent, and they might be relaxed and playful.

Understanding Your Child’s Learning Style

Children have different learning styles and understanding levels. Make an effort to understand your child’s learning methods so you can implement the right measures. Also, it will be easy since you will be interacting one on one during the study sessions.

Additionally, let your kids pursue their passions during this period. It could be art, music, cooking, whatever interests them. Doing so will help them ease in and adapt to the homeschooling situation. Also, don’t stress about the quantity of work covered in a day. Set reasonable targets and allow your children to stretch out their schoolwork throughout the week.

Passion and art

Learning Materials

The government has set some measures to make homeschooling easy. Lessons are getting offered through televisions, radio, free learning websites, and YouTube. Technology is making it easy to access learning materials. Incorporate technology into your studies and make maximum use of the materials as much as possible

Final Thought

The current pandemic situation shall pass, and lives will go back to normal. But as we await that, let’s make sure your kids are up to speed with their school work. Homeschooling will ensure that learning never stops, and students continue with their education.

Notably, parents and students should not be too hard on themselves. No one is perfect, and you cannot achieve 100 percent learning during this period. Work with what you have and try to make the best out of it. Also, remember that you are not in this alone. The whole globe is experiencing the same.