Sounds simple right? But the truth of the matter is that it takes practice. It takes strength, faith and everything in between.

Let’s start with honor. A beautiful word with depth in its meaning. As a verb in action it means to regard with great respect or to fulfill say an obligation or keep an agreement. I want you to look at honoring yourself and where you are at as keeping an agreement of love with yourself.

Honor the place in which you stand. This takes the most love when it is a difficult place you find yourself in. Dig deep. Root those feet, close your eyes and say yes- I am here. I am fully here. I honor this space as it is meant to serve my highest good.

Ask the universe (or god, whichever you lean on) to support you in this space and allow this situation to reveal its lesson to you. Honor yourself, for all the work you have done to be as strong as you are. Ask for guidance and clarity in the space you find yourself in.

Allowing yourself to become fully present is a true gift. Now is all we have. Here we are together with these words on this page. Honor yourself for taking a moment to be still, read and enjoy the simplicity of getting lost in words.

There is a tricky part to this as you begin this practice. You must honor the good as well as the challenging. I don’t like the word bad, it’s too basic. We are not good or bad; life is not simply good or bad. Everything we experience is a myriad of feelings and emotions and way too complex to simplify into two buckets.

So you’re being challenged? Maybe your heart is aching, you’ve lost someone, you can’t get through to someone, your not where you think you should be or your stuck in limbo. Or the seven million possibilities in between.

Honor it.

Say, I am here. I am here in this moment right now and I honor this experience. I ask the universe for support and guidance, please allow me to see the next steps on my path.

Now, release it.

Surrender to what is. Let it be, let it flow. Joy, pain, confusion… let it all go.

Don’t worry and continue to feed that energy into what may be holding you down. When you release it, truly imagine a physical weight being taken off of you. You want to be light and free. You deserve to be light and free.

We beat ourselves up to much and society in general gets stuck on the negative feelings. Collectively we need to shift and live consciously.

This all takes practice and honor where you are in this practice. We are all in this life experience together and we are all light. We are all love. Let’s continue to honor and release and absorb the beauty of this moment we have right now.

Thank you for being you and showing up. Always show up. With love, with courage and with honor.