When our world feels so chaotic it can seem selfish to connect to your spirit. However, connecting to your spirituality may be the most important thing you can do. Dealing with chaos can be physically draining and emotionally exhaustive. The more you are able to connect with your spirit, the more strength you have to deal with the chaos. Acknowledging and honoring yourself can help you to refocus and gain energy. Otherwise if you ignore your needs you will lose your strength and the ability to create change.

When you first start reconnecting with yourself, start by doing small things.

Put Down Your Phone

All the apps in the world will never be able to connect you to yourself. They might provide a bit of help, but you need to be willing to make yourself a priority in your life. When you put your phone down; what do notice around you?

Breathe Work

Take a few breaths. Feel the air filling your lungs. Allow yourself to exhale fully. How does it feel as you release the pent up frustrations on your exhales?

Body Movement

Instead of mindlessly exercising, take a few minutes and create small graceful movements with your body. For each movement watch the movement. Appreciate how graceful your body moves. Even if you only move one finger, allow your focus to be on that movement. Allow yourself to find your own grace and rhythm within your body. How does it feel to focus on your movement?

Now think about how all of your movements create your day. Are your movements thoughtful or just reactionary? You have more power when your movements and actions are thoughtful, than reactionary.

I use the above every time I feel the need to reconnect to my soul. Our lives are fast paced. When we commit to honor ourselves, we reclaim our power. And that allows us to have more confidence and create more of what we want in our lives.

Are you ready to honor yourself and reclaim your power? I am offering a 14 week package to help you reclaim and maintain your power and energy.


  • Tara Wilken

    Well-Being & Guided Meditation Instructor, Author and Reiki Master Letter Series

    From Love to Grief to everything in-between. Helping you strengthen your well-being. I am a well-being & guided meditation instructor, author, consultant, and Reiki Master. I have spent years learning different techniques and modalities from various teachers, giving me a well-rounded approach to creating my own courses and guided meditation content. I have created custom guided meditations for staff meetings and individuals. I prioritize having a down to earth and practical approach to integrating the material seamlessly into everyday life. Go to tarawilken.podia.com for more information.