Ho'oponopono And Meditation How 2 Simple Things Changed My Life

Ho’oponopono and meditation were two of the first things I encountered when I first plunged into personal development. I had been on a weekend event about NLP and personal development titled ‘Re-Engineering the Self’ led by David Shephard of the Performance Partnership, which had been life changing in itself, when I registered for a deeper course that David was running. The first course opened my mind, the second course blew my mind though.

Many of my views and thoughts were seriously challenged on that first course, which was what enticed me into going deeper down the rabbit hole with David. While David Shephard is principally known as a Master Trainer in NLP, he also has incredible skill with a variety of other personal development techniques. At the time, as much as I had built an affinity for NLP, and had studied certain NLP techniques, I was short of wanting to do any certification. What I did want to do was bring about some personal growth, change and release, so that I could move on from some old situations. So when I was introduced to meditation, initially the Hawaiian ‘Meditation on the Light’, and also Ho’oponopono, I felt myself heading off on a totally new direction in life. Things were very much changing.

Ho’oponopono Finding Release Through Forgiveness For Some Challenging Things

Ho’oponopono was incredible, from the first time I practiced under David’s guidance, I felt a world of weight lift away from me. People and situations that I had carried with me for years, stress that stayed with me on an unconscious level, just drifted away. Forgiveness poured from me, and to me, all from just using what was a relatively simple technique, that had me communicating with people within my mind.

This was 2004, at that time I still had a huge amount of stuff that I had never dealt with. It had just built up, and threatened to crush me on a regular basis. Every so often the emotional load did get too much. So being able to release in this way was like stepping out into the light after being confined in a dark cave for years. It was hugely liberating.

Meditation On The Light Guiding Me Further Along The Path I Needed To Follow

My first experience of meditation was something else. While the release which came from ho’oponopono was beautiful in so many ways. The serenity and freedom I felt while in meditation was something else entirely. We only did a small amount of meditation on that course, time was being balanced between various things after all. I was however hooked on meditation just from that little taste.

To the point where after returning home from the course, I began flowing into meditation for one, two, three hours or more each day. Meditation was carrying me to places I had never been before. Meditation was also opening my mind in a way that I have never experienced either. Something which caused me to change my life in a massive way when I began piecing all the little changes and insights that were going on together. Yet this was just the beginning.

Ho’oponopono And Meditation Forming Habits For Life Change On A Daily Basis

One of the incredible things I came to love from my developing daily practice of ho’oponopono and meditation, was the incredible clarity that I was experiencing. I so wish that I had been introduced to David sooner, my transition into NLP as a master practitioner in 2005 made me think the same thing. My gratitude for being in this position was immense though, and still is. I know that those first two courses with David were what gently ushered me on to a path which has been incredibly fulfilling, even if challenging at times.

While I know that taking hours in meditation on a daily basis, and working through ho’oponopono techniques with similar regularity is a little too much for many. I would seriously ask why people hold themselves back from enjoying the life changes such practice brings. I found myself soaring up to higher points of focus, clarity and functionality than I had ever experienced before. In short, it felt magical. It was also remolding my life on a daily basis, with old patterns and habits drifting away, as fresh more fulfilling things came to me.

Stress Never Disappears Completely But Ho’oponopono And Meditation Make It Disappear Faster

I have been on some strange journeys in life. Even of late, even with all the techniques I have honed over the years, I still managed to find myself in uncomfortable situations. Through the NLP I do I am always able to deconstruct things, working out how I caused them, and discerning the learning that I needed to draw from them. All the while, having an easier time actually transiting through the process because of reduced stress, increased calmness and far higher focus from doing ho’oponopono and meditation.

Even through various challenges, practising ho’oponopono and meditation has enabled me to come through with a far higher degree of ease. When working through issues while I was experiencing life with a highly abusive step-daughter, daily meditation and practice of ho’oponopono helped me to keep a grasp on sanity in a good way. Even while the situation became worse on a daily basis, as my step-daughter Katie would accept nothing other than my moving out, even though my wife and I constantly worked to create a loving and supportive environment that would be good for everyone.

Ho’oponopono and meditation are probably the two simplest yet most empowering techniques I have ever learnt. Through every situation I have ever encountered since learning them they have massively helped me. Ho’oponopono and meditation empower positivity, calmness and clarity, and have massively enriched my life, something I’ll always be grateful for.


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