Perhaps you’ve heard the term “aging in place.”

Frankly, it makes my skin crawl. I much prefer “aging in places.”

In other words, exploring way outside your geographic and psychological comfort zone can ultimately keep you connected and vibrant.

This week I met Leeanne Gardner, founder of Unbridle It. One of her many passions is horses and equestrian-related businesses. We talked about young girls’ obsessions with horses and horseback riding.

I have written about my love for bicycle riding. This week, I’m picking up a new car (another Mini Cooper) and am looking forward to many road trips and adventures.

All my wheels

Living in the COVID-19 pandemic world has forced many people to stay put. But I’ve come to believe that riding — whether you’re simply pedaling around a new neighborhood, galloping around the desert, or tooling down a highway at 80 mph will ultimately keep your brain cells active and your imagination accelerating.

In fact, travel has been scientifically proven to keep us young. In an era when our long-distance travel options are limited, we need to look at local travel and selective road trips as a way of exploring.

Although my car and bike have become great “buddies,” horses have the added advantage of being intuitive and improving body awareness/posture. Equine therapy relieves stress and anxiety. Although I haven’t ridden a horse in decades, I’m now inspired to saddle-up.

So, whether your vehicle of choice is a Mini or a mare…has stirrups or a steering wheel…a bridle or a basket…movement and escape are important at any age.

In the timeless words of a wise doctor (Seuss, that is):


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