The coronavirus is a world problem and it is necessary for you to stay positive during this pandemic. The coronavirus started in October 2019 and has infected 22 million people. Even those without it, are still affected by this virus. There are many different things that are important to understand about coronavirus in order to be more aware and to stay safe.

WHO (World Health Organization) says that a vaccine might not be found within two years, and scientists report that the coronavirus can travel 6 feet/3 meters in the air. Furthermore, scientists have found that the coronavirus can travel by simple contact such as a handshake and that symptoms may not occur within the first few days of getting it. 

If people are taking a public vehicle, try not to touch buttons or things that you do not need to touch. However, if you do touch a public surface, like a fence or railing, wash your hands and make sure not touch your face. Here is an image of how the coronavirus travels.

However, there are good things coming from the virus as well. NASA said that their satellites noticed that the levels of harmful gases like nitrogen dioxide have fallen because most factories are closed.

ITALY: Satellite view highlighting the reduced levels of nitrogen dioxide over parts of Europe (January – Left; April – Right).

Since pollution is also down and global warming has slowed a little, animals are returning to places where they were not before. In March, there was a puma spotted during the day in Santiago, Chile. In addition, a rare bee that hadn’t been seen since 2016 was found. The blue calamintha was seen on Lake Wales Ridge, Florida.

RARE BEE: Blue calamintha seen in Florida.

During the pandemic some families are having fun by doing 24 hour living room challenges or climbing mount everest by walking up and down the stairs thousands of times. Other families have started to bake more together and finally, some have teamed up online to play video games.

The US says that if everything goes as planned, they might be able to find a vaccine by the end of the year. Currently scientists have tried over 4,000,000 vaccines but none of them have worked. Scientists report that there is a 3 percent chance of the coronavirus mutating and becoming worse.

On August 7th 2020, scientists said that they might have found the coronavirus vaccine. The vaccine has already passed the first two phases and if it passes the third, it will be sent to every part of the world and everything will calm down quickly.

Prof Adrian Hill, from the University of Oxford, quoted that, “The aim is to have at least a million doses by about September, once you know the vaccine efficacy results and then move even faster from there.”

Here are a few symptoms of the coronavirus to look out for: fever, difficulty breathing, runny nose, coughing, and a sore throat.