Our perspective determines our understanding

Our understanding determines our knowing.

Our knowing determines our hope.

There is no other moment in our lifetime that has the opportunity to break us apart or draw us closer together. For the past few weeks we have experienced the signs of distress and devastation as our fellow humans are attacked, one nation at a time, by this virus called COVID-19. We’ve watched it spread throughout the previous months from afar, without a true threat in our own country. This has caused the majority to mostly feel detached, albeit, equally saddened at the loss of life due to such an “intense flu”.

As the nations began to take further action the populations within their borders behaved as though the threat was not in fact so bad or as terrible as the leaders would have them believe.

Within a matter of days the numbers began to duplicate by the 100’s, 1000’s and now 10’s of thousands, daily. 

NOW, the entire world is taking notice. 

NOW, humankind is aware and awakened to the possibility of this virus arriving on their doorstep.

NOW, the entire planet is, ironically enough, healing.

Through this time and throughout this crisis there has always been HOPE.

Perhaps yours has dwindled to a flicker at times, but dependent on your level of understanding the true potential of this pandemic, there has always been some level of hope.

Hope that the odds are in your favour.

Hope that it cannot affect you due to your personal actions.

Hope that your family, friends, and loved ones will also be ok and can weather this storm.

That hope, in many cases, may begin to shine light on the possibility that humanity and our planet can better survive as one.

Where we currently stand, it’s presently mid-March as I write this, the worse is yet to come. However, while the worse is yet to come we also have an opportunity to make wiser decisions. These decisions will determine what our life will look like in the coming months and affect us our whole lifetime.

By the time this pandemic is over there will NOT be one person on this earth whom it hasn’t affected in some way.

Yet, there is still HOPE for what the future holds. My perspective is this:

I see a new world on the horizon, one where:

people value each other more.

where people respect Mother Earth more.

where people are kinder, forgiving and more loving toward one another.

where long standing disagreements and anger towards each other are healed.

I see a world where people appreciate experiences more than things. Where the Golden Rule rings true and helps guide us personally and globally. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Mother Nature, God, Source is calling us to BE BETTER HUMANS. To envision a life where we are fully expressed, fully alive, all the while being fully respectful of other living beings.

Our mission on Earth is to BE the BEST we can BE. To perfectly realize our fullest potential. To share our greatest gifts with the world, to make it and the people who inhabit it, BETTER. The mission though, can only be fully attained without causing pain or suffering to others.

Because we are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.

If there is one lesson to be learned from the COVID crisis…..that is it. Our actions affect others. On a communal and grander scale.

I am reminded of the words of Mordecai in the book of Esther: “…for just such a time as this.”

I believe Humanity has been prepared “for just such a time as this”. 

The question is: What will you do to ensure HOPE in the time of COVID? 


We are all intricately connected as One. 

Do your part.

In power and love,



  • Isabel Starck

    Life Coach for Leaders

    Lead your life with passion, purpose, and positivity. Erase your limiting beliefs by reprogramming your mind. Founder of the GACETI Method where life purpose + business goals meet. Certified Life Coach and NLP Practitioner.