I have never really been a fun of giving up. I have always believed that giving up is not an option for me. I’ll do whatever it takes to make it work out for me. With the recent events unfolding since the last year with Covid-19 I was optimistic that a vaccine will come through and help the people and in 2021 the hopes are alive and people are being vaccinated, which is a good thing in the fight against Covid-19.

recently I become an Uncle to a beautiful niece called Laurel Nyabate. Her coming to my life when the world was in trouble was kind of a good sign miracle, she gave me a lot of hope about tomorrow , looking at her and holding her is all that you need to feel okay, soo therapeutic. her smile is all that I need when I feel low, it really gives me a good perspective.

We all need hope in our lives because it helps us during the tough and unbearable moments of life and kind of really improves our everyday life which forms a great perspective towards one’s future and makes it happen. one thing people forget is that hope is our everyday life even if you say you are hopeless you still have a a spec of hope in you, I Mean we all hope for something right? even if its in the near future. I believe hope is part of the self narrative of our life that we have going on.

Do you remember when hope came easily? Back when you were a child, when your hopes were wrapped around things that are of no consequence to you anymore? Now, hope seems to do nothing but disappoint you. I know that the people around you do not understand, but I do. To them, your hopelessness is confusing. They do not understand why you won’t just apply for your dream job, eat healthier, or make new friends after discarding the ones who have mistreated you. But I do understand.

I understand that when you have no hope you feel nothing is worth the effort. That anything you try will be futile. I see you blaming yourself for not being able to manage your life; I see how it throws you into a bottomless pit of despair. A despair that only serves to add new thoughts of destruction to your day. I know that when you have no hope, your thoughts are so overpowering, so time-consuming and energy-draining, that motivation leaves you completely. That you simply do not have the energy to make the changes necessary to find a path out of the pit you are in. But guess what its time you did!!!! there is a lot of good in store for you.

I also think hope and optimism is different, hope is more specific to one thing its not like optimism which can be broader generally even a pessimistic person can be hopeful about something so I believe hope is not the same as optimism. So lets all be hopeful and optimistic with life itself as that’s the only way to get through tough time of everyday life.

Sending love to you all,, and hope……