We love sunrises and sunsets, not just because they’re majestic and beautiful but because they make us look into the horizon.

The horizon is where everything is infinite yet fleeting, beautiful yet changing, distant and yet tangible. The horizon is where we can take our dreams, hopes and wonders. It is a place of reality and non-existence. It stretches as far as our vision will allow us to see and is as vast as our imagination we dare it to be.

The horizon is where we are all drawn to, yet we feel we have no destination. Isn’t it a wonder that we are all drawn towards an infinite place that we don’t fully understand?

Life is the same. Some of us have goals, some of us have dreams, but what about most of us who are passing days with routines? Most of us are seeking our purpose, our truth, most of us are unsure and in doubt. Perhaps we’re looking at it all wrong, perhaps we need to be vast like the horizon, broadening our vision instead of narrowing our sight.

No one is purposeless, though it may feel that way, we may not realise that in each moment we are each others catalysts, muse, inspiration or guides. We are all here, therefore we all have meaning. Never question your worth, that is the wrong question to ask. Instead, question why you cannot see your own beauty, value and light.

Question why you believe the things you do about yourself. Were they designed to help you fly or were they created to cage you into a prison that makes you blind?

We are all meant to find our own paths, pave our own journeys’ and remember ourselves. How far have we managed to come in a world where we have been deceived and lied to? We are the horizon and yet we not know it. We’ve been told that we are the shore and that we have limits.

Look into the horizon, what you see there is a reflection of your own depth – it’s endless, it’s ever changing and it’s beyond beautiful. Don’t be afraid of it, it is calling for you. When you feel fear, when you feel like the world beneath you is shaking, trust that you are getting closer to the horizon of your soul and like the horizon, you will never fully reach it, but the journey there is all you need to pursue.

Love Always.