Have you ever come had intriguing imaginations while listen to a song? Any song, in fact. Such imaginations leave you wondering in your quest for something beautiful and new. You imagine the most wild, adventurous, and colorful photograph! Look at it a little closer, and my oh you wish to be part of it! What if you could jump right in? What if you could move into whatever story, or painting, being depicted your way? What if?

Pictures and a song can go together. It’s an interesting dynamic, when it comes to playing match and mix, when it comes these two art forms. Then, of course, the opera world also plays its part! Opera has its own particular way in slowing down the elements of time. In fact, you gain the experience of observing time in an entirely different manner. In fact, it’s brought into a more Universal understanding.

Oh, the pretty horses and their dancing with time! Capturing them in a photograph, they move us into another dimension. They take us into another world; bringing incite into our creative wonder! Oh, the daring horses, and how they run through time! They do it so elegantly, and through the rhythm (and beat) of their own drum.

Have you ever been live, and in the flesh, when seeing the horses run? Have you ever observed them in action? Have you witnessed their culture in moving across distances of space? Should you connect with their timing, what song would you connect them to? Yes. There are many different photographs, which have captured horses, within their particular movements. So, now we come across, one! Plus, there is the song, to match!

The song is entitled, “Cycle-Eluard.” It is by Clermont Pepin. Very slow. Others would even see it as being slightly, dreary. Yet, you can imagine taking one photograph and applying the song to it. What are the ways in which a person can understand how the running of horses is a dance to music. One has their strokes. There is also the ability of their hair, and how it so elegantly flows back and forth. Lastly, there is the collective bonding with other horses. There are no individual acts, within this race. Each and every horse is running this race, together.

Moving into one dame, of a Canadian sound, we can imagine the slow running of the horses. Furthermore, we can envision their being in another world of fantasy, that so few have ever known. Where are they leading us to? Where are they going? Their very movement is an art, in itself. How they move us through their world, when it comes to a stilled photograph is beyond the magic, in itself. Horses encourage us to dream. For, they are reminders of those ancient dreams, where humanity allowed themselves to nourish fantasy in reality’s timing!

Therefore, let the dreaming, begin! When you hear such an operatic performance, by one legendary singer, what dreams paint your mind as the horses dance through the wind?


Pierrette Alarie