Hossein Nour

In his new talk about Persian rap, underground music, and the hip-hop genre, Hossein Nour commented that this genre is very popular and attracts a lot of people day by day, the different successes that exist in this genre.  It is certainly not for one person and one society, and the empathy that exists in this style, in addition to imitating the original American rap, can certainly be rooted in the street nature of this style and the support of the weak sections of society.  Rap is exactly everyone’s voice and it makes rap attractive and people love it.

He added that he has been singing rap for several years and is very interested in this genre. The main success of the artists of this genre is the increasing support of the audience and the only way to earn money is to sell concert tickets and various products.  Rap may sound like a small word, but it has a big meaning, the meaning is not to say yes to any oppressor and fight against evil, besides, we can learn to achieve great success together and learn that  How to live properly.

His main interest in starting to rap dates back to his young age, when he sang, wrote lyrics, and performed on the streets.  These interests gradually increased and were released in the form of various music by Hossein Nour on all world music platforms.

Hossein Nour has a luxurious life in Tehran and Istanbul and is one of the billionaires in the Middle East financially, as he has most of the world’s luxury cars in the parking lot of his home.  His main role model is in the life of Cristiano Ronaldo and he enjoys his lifestyle.

He sees rap as an art, not a business, and that makes his work very strong.