Social gatherings aren’t just an opportunity to impress your clients and woo them into signing that contract renewal – it’s so much more. A perfect opportunity for your many employees to mingle, relax and enjoy, a way to reconnect with your crew, an effortless team-building chance, a perfect excuse to show your employees that you care, all in a single night of fun, laughter and music.

Cooperative creativity

If you run a small to medium-sized business, use the advantage of numbers to invite your employees to take part in the event planning and brainstorming. For example, an email thread where everyone can make suggestions or even an actual box for them to place their written ideas can do wonders.

If they prefer a more interactive approach, you can ask them to set up an hour or two over the week to exchange ideas, and use that time to take a break from their regular projects. This way, they’ll actually create an event they will like to attend and expect to enjoy!

Surprise your guests

Whether it’s a traditional Christmas party or a celebration for onboarding a new client, things can get stale after decades of existence. Make it your mission to stir things up and give your party a fun twist, something that you know all the guests will enjoy – such as a surprise impromptu dance performance, fireworks, a stand-up comedian or a musical performance, or a fun video compilation of your most memorable company moments.

You can even design gift bags for each guest that are personalized to an extent, in order to show that you appreciate your coworkers. Even something simple such as offering board games, trampolines and introducing photo booths can take a party to a whole new level of fun! 

Tease their palate

What’s the one thing that can make or break a party in a matter of seconds? Well, food and drinks are definitely on top of this list, and since many people strike up fantastic conversations over good food and beverages, you need to make sure you’ve got every employee’s dietary needs covered.

Just like your surprises scheme, think outside of the box to accommodate their needs but also give them a unique experience. For instance, there are reliable catering companies that offer an exquisite and authentic list of cocktails paired with the most delicious bites you could imagine. Hire a professional team, choose a selection beforehand and dazzle your employees with the right munchies and sips! 

Create bonding opportunities

Before you say “trust falls”, take a moment to think of a more fun, unusual alternative that will give your employees a chance to have fun and bond. Of course, you can create a poll and see which of these activities your employees will love the most, from karaoke competitions, Secret Santa gift exchanges, wine and cheese tasting, a cooking or baking class for the entire crew to make cupcakes, or a go-kart session just before you head to the venue.

A part or the entire event can be dedicated to charity work, so you can create a company-wide auction or something fun like a garage sale where all the funds collected will go to an organization of your employees’ choice. 

The atmosphere-makers 

No matter how hard you try to create an event filled with fun activities and excellent menus, the venue along with decorations will significantly affect the atmosphere among your employees. Before you settle for the perfect location, get a sense of what your employees would prefer, where they feel comfortable, whether they want a low-key cocktail evening or a full-blown party with dancing and games.

Once you’ve chosen the venue, opt for the right decorations and follow-up materials such as music, seating options and making enough room to mingle. Thinking seasonal is always a good idea, masked balls are also a beloved option among many companies, but you can also make up your own theme your employees love – from Monopoly, Game of Thrones, to an exotic Hawaii-inspired evening, use your imagination and craft an event your employees will love!