So you’re looking to get booked for your next job and have not heard back yet? Experiential Marketing and staffing CEO, from The Kat Agency, Kat Quinn, has curated a list of 5 tips to make sure you get that call back and book your next gig.

  1. Dress to Impress.

First impressions are everything, whether you’re going on a date or going into a job interview, and they can be one of the hardest things to change someone’s opinion on. Showing up to a job interview dressed in a nice, clean suit is going to speak volume over showing up in yoga pants and a blouse. Investing in one good suit or dress, for interviews and important occasions, is a MUST! You have to remember, competition is fierce and establishing a great first impression is going to leave a lasting impression in the interviewees mind, far after you’ve left the office. “The majority of my clients ask me to dress the talent/staff because they understand the importance of dressing well and getting the right attention,” said Kat Quinn.

2. Confidence overshines all.

So now you’re dressed for the part, but does your confidence match? Interviewees are going to be looking to hire someone who can take on the pressure from the workforce, someone who is able to problem solve, take control and not get flustered. All qualities that come with someone who is confident. If you believe in yourself and let your interviewee know you’re the person for the job, your chances of snagging that call back have just gone up.

3. Know Your Stuff.

You never want to show up to a job interview for a bank and not know what a money order is. The same applies for any job, of course one would assume you are applying for a job that you are familiar with. But it’s not only important to understand the basics of the field you are going into, but to know the companies policies and mission statement. A company’s mission statement can tell you a lot about their workforce and what is to be expected of you. Make sure you do your research on the field and the brand you will are applying for. Nothing is more impressive than someone who can come in and recite the mission statement to show they are right for the job.

4. Be Prepared.

Things you should always bring with you to a job interview; your resume, pen, notepad, questions for the interviewee and of course great hygiene. One of the first things your interviewee will ask, is your previous experience in the field. They want to know that you are capable of the job and they don’t have to start training you from scratch. Having any work experience is better than nothing, and being able to show and provide great references is a must!

Something that may not seem as obvious, but is key to nailing this interview, is making sure you are hygienic, it’s always a good idea to pack a few necessities in your purse, gum, mints, deodorant and perfume, to spruce yourself up before the big day!

5. Follow Up.

Now that you’ve gone through the toughest part, the initial interview, it’s time to wait. You have to understand that these staffing executives are interviewing a lot of great candidates every day, therefore they are busy and may not remember every person they’ve spoken to in the last week. “I always follow up with clients, staff a few days after, and same goes for those contacting me. If a staff emails or calls me a few days following the interview I’m much more likely to remember them and book them for a job,” said Quinn.

Thanks to Kat Quinn, from The Kat Agency, for providing tips and tricks to making a lasting impression and snagging your next job.


  • Aroon Duncanson

    Marketing & PR Specialist

    Aroon Duncanson is a college graduate, from the Nicholson School of Communication, with her bachelors degree in Advertising/Public Relations. Aroon has interests in vegan brands, art, female entrepreneurs and tech. She currently works as the marketing director for 3nom IT, a full service IT management solutions firm based in the New York Metropolitan and Miami market. She also manages social media accounts for medical businesses in the Miami area.