Josue Arteaga is the CEO of Press Works. Named as a prodigy and maverick of PR by both Inc and Entrepreneur magazine. Worked with over 100 millionaires/high performing entrepreneurs by the age of 20.

Grandview raised entrepreneur , Josue Arteaga, runs one of the most sought out PR companies, Press Works. His clients range from some of the world’s richest and most famous public figures. Managing the brands and press of the influencers of tomorrow, the team at Press Works, are one of today’s top PR firms, focusing on helping clients reach their end result with their brands through PR.

At 18 years old he started his PR business landing clients such as Instagram Famous Tonio Skits. By the age of 19, he tripled his business well over 6 figures. At 20 he scaled to $50,000 a month.

”There is no end goal for those of us who do it because we love it, but the curse with that is, there is always trials and tribulations that come with success. It only goes as far as we are willing to take it.”

I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Josue Arteaga, CEO of Press Works, to discuss his entrepreneurial journey and rise to success and stardom.

This is not an easy job. What drives you Josue? Has what drives you changed from time to time or has it always been the same?

Have you ever felt like you could change the world but you just didn’t have the right knowledge to do it? As if you had the potential to change the world but you had to wait for your opportunity. That core feeling is what drives me. Mentally and spiritually, entrepreneurship is my thing. It’s what I love to do.

When did you realize that you had what it takes to be successful? What was that moment when you were like “yes, I can do this”?  

When Josh brought me a $20k deal. I think I made like $50k that month. Insane amount of sales. It really blew up fast! Mentally I was so shocked but in my soul, it felt good to know I could make it!

Any last words/piece of advice/tips for readers.

Meditate and practice holding composure through everything. Life has challenging ups and downs but you’re stronger than all of that.