From my childhood I had wonder in my eyes and an inquisitive nature.Every child has it.Nothing unusual about it.But as we grow up what we want to do in our life, what we want to take up for our higher studies and what to choose as a career…these questions comeup.But many are influenced by circumstances, events or guidance of parents, elders in the house and many other factors which bury the wonder in our eyes and fire in our heart.Sometimes we become lost and do not choose the right career which follows our own passion.Sometimes it seems more practical to follow a certain thing rather than do what we love.Whatever it is we end up doing things for money, status……We have a successful career, we make a lot of money ,sufficient enough to keep us comfortable..but in our heart something is calling, some void is there.

The same feeling I sometimes had.After being in a midlevel managerial rank, an engineer by qualification,I do have a satisfactory career graph.I have sufficient money to live comfortably but still I sometimes felt a void.A need to express  , a need to know, a need to discover life.With the rise in social networking sites as usual like many others I spent time in facebook, whatts app, after my official duties and taking care of household needs.But  being plugged for many hours daily gradually made me feel fedup.I lost interest in seeing the pictures of my friends flaunting a new dress or a new makeup, or some pictures in a hill station, all the happy happy show off in networking sites. It sometimes felt far from reality.Some falsity was hidden in all those happy faces..It never gave the real picture of life.

Then time was going on…In 2017 I came upon some articles in speaking tree website.I loved reading Speaking tree articles in the Times Of India newspaper.It was something which matched my frequency.Then I found the website in May 2017 where I can contribute as a seeker.From my childhood I loved writing and had interest in the awe and wonder of what life is.So I logged in as a new seeker in Speaking Tree the first and perhaps the only spiritual website in the world.A world of happiness and joy poured in.I started reading the posts and blogs, giving comments and my views.Then I started sharing my stories or my blogs on various topics which needed a vent out from my heart .I was just in search of such a company of beautiful people and community.Other seekers started liking my articles and giving their opinions and views.I joined the discussion forums on various topics of inerest.I got back my passion.I loved to write and read.Gradually I reduced my time with the mobile and facebook and whatts app. As I found my love.It filled my void.I learn new new things, discover so much on spirituality and wisdom. Its really a panacea to the heart.

Then the most wonderful thing happened in 2017.I joined as a contributor in Thrive Global.The idea and work of thrive Global had a special appeal to me.Its so correct that today we are just living.Gone are the days when we used to thrive, we had connections with our friends, families, not virtual but real.We enjoyed the togetherness and had a lively life. But gradually we are plugged in and are stressed, in this technology driven world.A need to breathe in , to feel the fresh air , to actually thrive has arisen.The idea of thrive global is very close to my heart.I love writing in the weekly prompts.The prompts and ideas inspire me.They are fodder for my mind and soul.Though I joined thrive global community late in 2017 ie in November but I think this is the most beautiful and wonderful thing which happened in 2017.I love to read Ariannas posts and the pieces of community members.One more thing I love about Arianna Huffington is her love for India, and choosing India as the first country outsuide USA to expand Thrive global.

India is a country with the wisdom of Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas..Its a country of Ramkrishna, Vivekananda, and Aurobindo…So much is there to discover and learn from the lives and works of the seers and sages of vedic times as well as modern times.The knowledge and wisdom of vedas has been recognized by the scientists to day who are finding interest in the science of the consciousness  and many other scientific discoveries which are so much in tune to the Vedic wisdom.

So 2017 has turned my life around.I have found my passion and have started doing what I love…. writing in the the two most beautiful websites so much in tune to my liking which are Speaking Tree and Thrive Global.Following what I started in 2017 I want to continue my work in 2018 of rediscovering and recognizing the vedic wisdom and sharing it with others through my writing so that people find answers to the problem of our life at present. This ancient wisdom is so much in tune to the solution of the problem of masses and the world which is taking an alarming proportion.I think Arianna has taken a very correct decision to expand her work starting with India which is a store house of wisdom.I feel my self honoured to be a community member in this forum of Thrive global which indeed is a commendable effort in itself.