When it comes to young serial entrepreneurs, Laura Egocheaga’s name is ringing bells across many platforms. She is the Founder & CEO of DivibeTech, a Growth Hacking digital agency, servicing ecommerce and brick and mortar clients across the United States.

Many successful entrepreneurs who have grown their businesses from the ground up have come from humble beginnings and Egocheaga is no different. She was born in Peru, South America and moved to the United States when she was three years old. Her mother abandoned her and her father when she was 7. And by the time she reached high school she became addicted to drugs. In her junior year, she felt like a loser and was in desperate need for a change.

It was then that she began to change her mindset and perfect her craft while still in high school and running her first business, which was a branch of affiliate marketing, as a way to begin to move ahead in life. After making 20k in 6 months of her junior year in high school, she knew there was something bigger to this thing called “The Internet.”

At 17 years old she moved out on her own and begin to pursue her dreams of becoming one of the worlds leading digital strategist. She dove into learning digital marketing, coding, SEO’s, and web development all by watching YouTube videos and searching Google. She attributes much of her success and motivation to Gary V and Grant Cardone as they’ve helped open her eyes to all of the possibilities of the Internet and social media marketing.

When I asked Laura what advice she could give to other entrepreneurs that could help them grow and scale their business, she shared 4 insights that have worked for her and her business. Although you may have heard some of these before, it’s always refreshing to be reminded of some of the good ones from time to time.

1. Mindset – How to get rid of the negative and get more positive

“In order for me to get better and grow, I had to change my mindset,” said Egocheaga. “I had to kick my addiction, learn to love myself more and get rid of that negative mindset,” she notes. “Having a proper positive mindset is critical when trying to run and grow a business, because without it you won’t get very far.”

“It wasn’t until I began to change the way I was thinking, that I was able to begin to scale effectively.” Letting go of all the negative experiences, negative thinking, and negative people, was the best thing I’ve ever done. That was a pivotal moment in my life, Egocheaga shared.

Mindset is not only important when it comes to dealing with new customers and clients but also in learning their business and how you can help scale it cohesively.

2. Sales Funnels – How to use them effectively

“The main reason I was able to scale my business so quickly was because I learned how to use and implement the right sales funnels effectively,” said Egocheaga. “I scaled so quickly by targeting Med Spa’s and I grew my business to over six figures in 7 months. I was blown away by the rapid growth.”

I continued to master the sales funnels and quickly expanded my expertise within the automotive industry, where I was able to help one of my clients sell 92 vehicles in 1 month, said Egocheaga. “Having the right sales funnels in place can help pretty much any business scale substantially.

3. Focus – Where your focus goes, energy flows

In a world with unlimited distractions, it’s easy to lose focus very quickly. Egocheaga understood early on that she needed to gain a more structured ability to focus on building her skills and her business in order for her to become successful.

“Focusing on mastering my abilities was my main priority,” said Egocheaga. “I knew that if I wanted to scale quickly, I needed to focus more effectively.” And that meant structuring my day so that I would encounter fewer distractions. I would only answer emails within the allotted time on my schedule so that I could execute more and I would not answer any phone calls or look at social media, unless it was business related or emergencies” said Egocheaga. “I wanted to succeed and in order for me to do that I had to develop a laser focus.”

4. Take complete responsibility – No Excuses

Too many businesses aren’t scaling effectively in today’s market place because they are lacking this key principal and maybe even the 3 above ones as well. But it’s not until I took complete responsibility for my decisions and actions, that I began to see growth in my business,” said Egocheaga.

“I took 100% responsibility of my life and my business. Could I have stayed focusing on the fact that my mom left us when I was 7yrs old? Absolutely! Could I have stayed focused on being a drug addict and slowly killing myself? For sure! But I decided I wanted more for my business and myself and I took responsibility for everything I did, like never before.”

Today Egocheaga’s passion is to help startups
and well-established companies to achieve rapid and sustainable growth within
their industries. She is also one of the most sought after Facebook Ads Expert
alive today. She’s a crypto/block chain enthusiast and author. Her business is
booming and growing and she is on track to ending the year with multiple six