This was the first word on a testimonial from an executive coaching client.  As you can imagine it made me sit up and take notice, as we’d been working together for the last 6 months.

Even though releasing attachment to client’s outcomes is where I choose to ground my focus, so as not to get bogged down in my own ego… that word hit a sore spot!

Directing my energy so I can truly listen to what people are really telling me underneath their words is a mission I focus on daily, as it enables me to be of far greater service to help others create the most impactful alignment in their life.  But being fully present in the world we live in is not always easy, however much we practise.

I’d imagine seeing that word would have most people quizzical, if not a tad concerned.  But like many aspects of life, things are rarely what they appear on the surface. 

What we see with our own eyes isn’t always a reliable indicator of reality, as it’s so often based on the preconceived aspects, beliefs, behaviours and conditioning that we’ve developed from our inception on this planet.  As all the players that go to make us up as a human being come out to play, it determines our outlook on life and how we experience what occurs in our world ie. nature, nurture, culture, gender, place of birth etc.

We create a picture of who we are and what we believe is possible for ourselves.  But this can often be an illusion of our own making.

But with a large dose of awareness, a sprinkling of tangible magik and a big injection of Collaborative Intelligence™ we can adjust course to reconnect to who we truly are on a much deeper level.  Fully owning our challenges, our gifts and our uniqueness in order to ride the rollercoaster of life with a seat belt of awareness, as we re-invent our reality to head in the direction we choose.

As a Body Mind Analyst (AIBMA) and Executive Coach I’ve had the good fortune to work with many leading corporations and businesses around the world, assisting leaders to take full ownership of their inner and outer game, so they can take greater leadership of themselves, their life, their team and their business.

For too long businesses have been run predominantly from a head (mind), action and ego orientated position, completely squashing the opportunity for long term sustainable success as the development of conscious ownership of emotions is often omitted.

Interestingly research shows us  that our emotions and how we feel about things is more often than not the driver behind our decisions and the actions we take or don’t, hence our success, failure and happiness levels.

A lack of focus on the inner game in the leadership arena on a day to day basis, causes high levels of stress and dysfunction often leading to ill health, burn out and an inability to create and maintain long term productivity and empowered growth for many companies, limiting wealth and success.

Did you know that we’re often only using 10% of our potential?

Every thought we have creates an emotion, which generates a chemical reaction or response in our physical body, creating either toxins (dis-ease) or endorphins (the body’s natural anti-depressants and feel good buddies).  In many ways we function much like a car or any other piece of machinery, it takes all aspects working in unison, collaboratively to create a successfully working model that will achieve the desired result. 

Team Synergy
When the mind (focus), emotions (reactions/response), body (body language) and actions work as a team, it generates increased levels of self-awareness, confidence, improved decision making and greater success and happiness for the individual and the business.

Ignoring what’s under your nose

Everything we think and feel, consciously or subconsciously is reflected in our body language, facial micro-expressions, our behaviour and our actions.  So improving awareness of what your body and body language is telling you about what’s going on in your inner game can be a short cut to quickly interrupt the pattern if you’re heading down a path that no longer serves you.  Then you can start turning things around quickly, saving time, money, energy and above all your health.

A simple strategy to increase awareness of your patterns of behaviour is to commit to consistent Check-in moments where you Press Pause at natural stop points during the day.  This creates empowering opportunities so you can become more aware of your body language so you can identify when you contracting or expanding your body in areas such as your forehead, neck, shoulders, stomach and knees during the Check-in’s.

Heightening self-awareness in this way helps you recognise mental and emotional triggers to quickly identify thoughts, feelings or behaviour that is either sabotaging, relaxing or elevating you at pivotal moments in your day.  By focusing your conscious attention where it counts, you improve your decision making ability so you can respond more effectively to situations, rather than reacting from the instinctive freeze, flight or fight when new or challenging situations occur.  Placing you firmly in the power seat of your own vehicle as you choose to update what no longer serves you along the way. 

If we ignore the fact that our mind, emotions and body are already working together unconsciously and just drive through with actions, pushing our emotions to one side, instead of working consciously with this amazing process – we can lose out big time!  

Your Inner Game reflects Your Outer Game

Good leaders want to utilise all the resources available to them to increase positive outcomes. So it makes sense to make better use of the primary resource we have as human beings ie ourselves. 

The more you prepare to be well, so you can do well using this practical strategy to move forward, the more you’ll be able to generate greater clarity, creativity, innovation and elegance as future leaders of our world.

Working as a team with the different aspects of yourself generates stronger self belief, greater self confidence and a strong inner foundation of Leadership Presence.  This naturally attracts more empowered wins externally in businesses.

If we don’t take leadership of all aspects of ourselves, how can we achieve empowered leadership of others, whether they are our children, family, staff or company?

Here’s what the bullshit’s all about….


That’d be my first thought if you told me 6 months ago I’d be where I am today. The quality of my life across the board – relationships, career and family has improved immeasurably and I’m a far happier person for it.   My career has literally jumped a whole level!

Suzanne’s success is founded on her uncanny ability to very quickly connect and understand people she meets. Learning these skills through her coaching and training has been invaluable to help me get ahead in any business and social setting.

Undertaking this work is singularly the key catalyst that’s helped me make this possible. Beyond a doubt, the best personal and professional investment I have made yet.

Invaluable! That’s what I think now.”

Ian Lee – Strategic Manager, Air New Zealand

Collaboration Matters

In over 24 years working with companies and leaders, I’ve witnessed that few people possess the ability to recognise how they come across to others, which lowers their ability to positively influence their world as powerfully as they could if they focused on creating a greater sense of self as they go through their day.

Lack of self-awareness and connection, is one of the biggest sabotage patterns leader’s face in the world we live in today.  Affecting their ability to respond, rather than react, to communicate with more depth so they can deliver greater value and develop enriched connections that attract exciting new opportunities that benefit all concerned.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.  In each moment you can choose to claim more of your collaborative potential by taking a breath to check in with yourself.  By reviewing your body language, your thoughts and how you feel, so you can update your focus if it’s heading in a counter-productive direction, you can quickly adjust course to elevate your influence and impact.

For too long we have left the heart out of business, and often out of our day to day life. 

Is it now time to update and allow ourselves to consciously reconnect, so we choose wisdom over chaos as we move towards new more authentic ways of relating, elevating leaders and businesses in the process. 

Is it time for you to consciously collaborate with your inner game…
so your outer game can join the party?

All of our life is about the Choices we make in each moment
Choose Wisely!

by Suzanne Masefield

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