I’m always in awe of how God intersects people at the right time and place, even if the impact of that meeting isn’t recognized until later. My first adult best friend came from one of these “coincidental” interactions and it changed my life for the better.

Shortly after giving birth to my oldest son, I decided getting pizza delivered would be the perfect dinner to end a chaotic day. I realized quickly that adjusting to motherhood and balancing what I used to consider easy, like cleaning, exercising, showering and cooking was going to take some time, so dialing up our local pizzeria was a no-brainer. My husband and I both loved the pizza from this little corner mom and pop pizza place. It was run by an adorable husband and wife team and their two daughters. Although I didn’t personally know the family, there was no question the pizza or any other Italian food they served was good as these two were the real deal, straight from Sicily.

After hearing a knock on the door, my husband let in this tiny, beautiful Italian girl holding a small pizza box. Her name was Alice. I knew of her because our town is small and in addition to running the pizza place with her parents, we both were married the previous year. I wasn’t expecting to have her deliver our food because I know they employ other people to do that for them. However, the accidental meeting would prove to be exactly what I needed and I got much more than good food from our visit.

The minute she saw my newborn son, both of our eyes lit up. Hers to him and mine to her. It was like I had known her my whole life. When she spoke she sounded like an old family member that I hadn’t seen in years. Her kind face was just as impressive as her genuine heart as she adoringly looked at my son. In a matter of 20 seconds, she verbally described her baby qualifications in the hopes of being able to hold him. Without hesitation but instead complete confidence, I handed him over to her and she became my first adult best friend.

That brief interaction sparked a lifelong friendship. God knew we needed each other even if we didn’t realize it. A few months after our initial meeting, my oldest son, passed away. Alice endured a painful divorce. We’ve been through both happiness and heartache but most importantly we’ve stayed by each other’s side. She has become my family.

Life changed for the better with what began as a seemingly insignificant encounter ordering pizza. Finding joy in the most unexpected times and places reaffirms my belief that the people we happen upon happen for a reason. We are meant to find each other, even if we don’t immediately recognize the magnitude of the meeting. A small interaction has the potential to make the biggest impact on our life.