While it may convince us of a mental-physical balance to achieve maximum productivity and lead a happy life, a little more scientific detail would be necessary to realize that a healthy brain makes a happy life. Understanding the brain’s working better and its constituents may help achieve that happiness factor, though many essential organs within the body work together as the different parts of the car. We wish to be healthy, appear attractive and be brain good at the same time. Particularly if you find yourself in the grip of depression and want to be happy again, read on.

What Is The Brain?

Simply put, the brain is one of the diverse organs that keeps the body functioning. Because 30 million Americans suffer depression rooted in the brain, we need to rethink how a healthy brain makes a happy life. Antidepressant drugs are booming as the most prescribed drugs. Autism, attention-deficit syndrome, dementia, and mood problems indicate that the brain and the mind are getting burdened due to the 21st century excessively stressful lifestyles.

How Do You Achieve A Healthy Brain?

According to a Stern Magazine article, nourishing the brain with appropriate foods would minimize the risks associated with a declining brain like in old age. Avoiding pessimism lets us get along with the task of strengthening the brain. A comprehensive health program that includes the brain would study food allergies and hormones, toxicity, and nutritional deficiencies that would analyze individually. Common sense indicates that a healthy brain makes a happy life.

Delete Refined Sugars, Adopt Protein And Folate-Rich Foods

Sugar, alcohol, and drugs deplete dopamine levels despite all the sensational highs. Sea fish with omega-three acids, poultry, and red meat provide protein. Quinoa, beans, and legumes are protein-rich too. Banana and avocados are beneficial. Folate assists dopamine and is indicated in cauliflower and broccoli, black beans, papaya, and chickpeas.

Grassy Dairy Diets

With plenty of cholesterol and 60% fat, the brain requires such substances, though we are constantly warned against them. Dairy foods consumed should be organic, eaten raw, and grass-fed—saturated fats besides arachidonic acid that the brain needs are found in grass-fed animal products. Vitamin K12 is also derived from grass-fed animal fat, but our minimal fat diets said goodbye to that. Though we are convinced, a healthy brain makes a happy life remains a mystery!

Don’t Underestimate Coconut Oil

A Neurobiology of Ageing study indicates that medium-chain triglycerides would relieve memory problems, and Alzheimer’s are usually associated with aging. If you use such medium-chain triglycerides that are found in coconut oil, cognitive function improves rapidly. 

Don’t Avoid The Sunshine Or Nuts And Seeds

Vitamin D deficiency is another bane of contemporary life with sunscreens that do more harm than good. Without Vitamin D, happiness endorphins suffer. If you are not exposed to sunlight like those working in factories and offices, the diet supplies Vitamin D. Nuts and seeds are beneficial.

The Egg Mystique

Egg yolk is loaded with multivitamins, bringing us choline derived from sunlight. Choline assists signals between cells and membranes that promote hormone functions. Omega 3 acids from pastured egg yolk are very positive influences too. If you suffer from lack of sleep, exhaustion, and short memory, choline deficiency is at the root of it. 

Organic Meat

Though animal liver is sparsely consumed, it is a goldmine of vitamins, A & D, E & K, besides B12. The liver contains folic acid, copper, and iron. Alternatives? Would you consider the good old fermented cod liver oil? Supplements are available in gels and capsules.

A Final Secret Tip

In the skin lies the mystic secret. Cultivate the skin well, a coat that evolved through many generations, the largest body organ. Beneficial bacteria crowd the skin and avoid excessive scrubbing that destroys them! Allow the healthy bacteria to flourish on the face as just anywhere, like in genes and the birth canal.