Since childhood, I dreamed about a computer. At school, when I did not even have a computer, I went to classes with pleasure where I was taught how to use a computer. I really enjoyed reading a magazine called “My Computer,” I still have a collection of it.

top of the monitor should be at eye level

Now, for more than ten years, I have been developing Internet sites. And almost every day (except for holidays) I sit at the computer for 7-12 hours. Of course, I have long known the rule that the top of the monitor should be at eye level. Of course I know that long sitting in place is not very good for health. But I just love to do it. And everything was fine, health allowed me to sit at the computer for 14 hours without getting up.

Initially, I did not betray the attention of the furniture being used. But when at the age of 25 I first felt the numbness of the fingers on my hand – I realized that I need to change something.

nerve was clamped, which is located in the region of the C7 vertebra

Of course, I immediately turned to the doctor, who confirmed my assumption – due to improper sitting at the computer, a nerve pinched in the spine (a nerve was clamped, which is located in the region of the C7 vertebra), which led to numbness of the fingers. Fortunately, this problem has gone away in a week of exercise. I breathed a sigh of relief that everything was in order.

desk with drawers on the right

The next step was to find the cause of my illness. And I looked at my computer chair. He clearly did not suitable to the table, it was a desk with drawers on the right, while the monitor was in the center of the table, because of this I always sat a little turned to the right. First of all, I began to study what computer chairs and desks are used by programmers, and I realized that the choice of chairs is too large and I won’t find the right answer. Therefore, I decided to just buy a new expensive chair and table. And I thought that this was the end of my problems. So it was over the next six years.

Six years later, when I had a baby, I again felt back pain and numbness in my fingers. Then I began to notice that sitting in a computer chair, because of the shape of its back, I bend the spine a little. After reading many forums and watching a lot of videos, I came to the conclusion that the main problem was improper sitting in place and the wrong back of the chair.

knee chair

Then I studied many types of computer chairs, and also considered the option of acquiring an unusual knee chair and a “chair for standing work.” I tried to solve several problems at once: remove the load from the spine; make it impossible to sit with a bent back; force to move even while sitting at a computer; make it possible to rotate the body

dynamic chair

All this was certainly interesting, but I was looking for an option that would make me not just sit still for several hours, but would allow the spine to constantly be in motion. To solve this problem, I found a dynamic chair without a back. It allows me not to sit still, makes me turn my body every 20-30 minutes and, of course, get out of my chair every 2-3 hours.

I hope this short story will allow you to pay attention to your workplace and perhaps help someone to stay healthy longer.

P.S. Please do not take this article as an advertisement, since my goal is to share my personal experience and observation of the use of different computer chairs. At the moment, I believe that this chair is one of its main tools for developing personal sites. After all, choosing a more correct instrument for each master increases productivity and just improves mood.
I wish you good health and smiles!