With new measures of self isolation and social distancing in effect across the country many people feeling anxious about their health, uncertain about the future, and isolated from society. People and companies are taking creative approaches to survive but also to encourage wellbeing, positivity, healthy eating and exercise.

A welsh company, Inspire Me, is using singing to bring communities together and lift spirits. The Cardiff based company, fomerly known as Sing & Inspire is a people development specialising in providing workplace choirs for wellbeing, mindset training and corporate team building activities.

In response to the countrywide lockdown they have launched a virtual singing group, Superchoir, where anyone with a love for singing can relive anxiety and stress, have fun and build strong friendships all from the comfort of their own home.

Watch the video below for an activity the whole family can get involved with.

Singing in a choir has been proven to reduce stress levels, improve social wellbeing, increase energy levels, and heighten our sense of happiness!

Singing helps to improve breathing, posture and muscle tension. Group singing is also known to be effective in pain relief and stress relief as it reduces the stress hormone cortisol and boosts the Immunoglobulin A antibody.  

Superchoir Online

Sessions run every Thursday at 6pm BST and are open to members of the public. NHS workers will receive complimentary two month access.

There is a huge community of people who sing in choirs for the amazing wellbeing benefits, and it’s clear that community is needed now more than ever.

Superchoir works to spread joy and positive energy and mobilise communities to come together through song. There are no auditions, no singing on your own and everything is taught by ear with professionally recorded tracks.

“While our members may no longer be able hug each other, or catch up over a drink post session, they can still stay connected online and maintain the important friendships they’ve made. They can still feel like they belong and use the incredible power of community singing to keep themselves grounded and healthy for the foreseeable future! Superchoir online will be free of charge to all NHS workers to keep their spirits high whilst working tirelessly to save lives.

Andrea Callanan, Founder of Inspire Me

For more information and to get involved click here.