Many of us would surely think, that a girl or women diverting their attention towards investment and the favorable benefits in return. Well, if a man can get his finances involved and assured, so why can’t a woman? It’s truly amazing to see and hearing about adult girls and women showing their interest and taking out time to know about the ‘World of Finance and Investment’ and gaining insights and literally to make better money decisions. Yes it’s true, it all about money, the more the money is there, the more it increases the problems in handling the money well. As much important, it’s a concern for men, so as it is for woman to know more about money and their enumerous uses.

Since beginning, men grew up to be more particular about finance and later able to flip that coin of ‘investment’, but for women, it slightly began with managing finance concerning her family budget and considered themselves accountable for it. Of course, it is well said, that “learning helps to build up those wings”. So together, we can explore these a number of ways to this world of investment. The ways, I mean that various opportunities and surrounding circumstances, that explore money in a well-defined way.

 So with a variety of opinions and options are available, so what should we consider or listen to? Before answering this question, let’s understand the need and related queries about investment to choose a favorable option available as per one’s convenience, as different options has to be selected or chosen as per any arising situation and on time what to consider :

· Investing itself lays the emphasis of getting something in return, likewise, if one is investing his/her time in studies to bring ‘bang on’ results, the same way, is with investment. Consider before investing about the time till you’re getting your return via selecting short-term securities or long-term securities.

· Secondly, what type of expectation, you’re keeping to earn on your money. Basically investing in stocks, shares regarding mutual funds hold a strong value on the basis of growth, but the thing revolves around stocks and shares is after maturity date, the favorable return is expected.

· Another thing comes, while doing investment what is your choice and type of earnings, you want to receive in, whether it could be stock, dividend with variable interest rates, it does matter.

· Do consider about holding your investments in a portfolio, as it becomes beneficial to invest in several types of securities. It’s all the game of differing interest rates and variable returns from it. So, when the condition is favorable, one can make selling to get return on the basis of diversified portfolio, as it covers many options.

· At least, think about appropriate measure of risk involved, as to earn a good return, you should be willing to take risk, desired risk can give back expected reward.

· Nowadays, people are keen in seeking the stocks, which could give them the benefit related to tax implications. Some of the securities are being exempted from state and local taxes.

One of your major tasks, begins where to explore for investment opportunities, is to find out a leading financial advisor who could give best suggestions including where to invest, which stocks could give higher returns, could help build up your investment portfolio and also helps to understand more in detail about investment and all other types of working. Do consider about the financial advisor on the basis of his past working and education and moreover a licensed one. To check about license and related procedure, contact state securities regulator for having further insight.

But, when it comes to girls or women, they are often tend to underestimate themselves stating that ‘Investment and understanding money is not their cup of tea’, as from always it’s been handled by the males party of the house. But as this growing field of finance is heading towards ethical convenience, so as today’s woman making a finest and a more secure decision regarding money.

Being a girl, so before heading towards something new, I want to better acknowledge all the reliable facts and circumstances. So, preferably women would likely to know more about as many options, and from the people who would have appropriate knowledge of dealing with field of finance before they could become double sure about their decision. It is understandable, they would invest wisely, but as for the beginners and amateurs, there’s a lot to enquire about, because of the different financial circumstances, more convenient options are brought up for bringing up most beneficial outcome.

Therefore, for females, it’s highly recommended to take charge of their finances, because investment isn’t a one- time game. For different necessities, there are different solutions. As per females and their convenience, there are different investments, prevailing their wants at different stages of life :

1. For Girls in their 20s and are Unmarried :

In the 20s, girls can adopt habits of savings, and the savings which are most necessary in planning of further education, future house or it could be simply marriage and moreover, running in 20s-30s, is the most reactive time to ponder upon investment decisions, either if it requires taking risk, as it’s not going to be play-safe always, otherwise how would one learn about more possibilities. Knowing more about different instruments and risks is important, generally in case, you’re a beginner.

Here are some choices to opt from :

· Ideal choice is always Bank’s fixed deposit as it provides you with surety of return.

· Another arising popular choice is becoming of Fixed Maturity Plans i.e, FMPs, which starts working within new fund offer period and

(a) It’s return are indicative.

(b) It’s dividend along with growth value depicts taxation and is more tax efficient than FDs.

(c) Sometimes FMPs are not in liquidity state.

· Liquid mutual funds could be a good choice, because it deals in short-term instruments and are not tied upto long time period/lock-in period.

2. For women who are Married as well as Working :

Living your life on two-duos, definitely at some stance of life creates havoc, but as a strengthful women, she manages well households and work space. But doing and switching between tasks, there’s no enough time to make financial decision and a best one indeed. It is advisable to invest in the money exposing to less risk and a guideline from a financial planner is better in these situations. As a wife and working mother, a female has two worries to be considered that is,

(i) For her children

(ii) For her retirement

Some choices to opt from :

· The better option to invest for working women in a more secure setting is Public Provident Fund (PPF) account, as it can be started with a minimum investment of Rs.500, it gives assured return. Advantage of keeping funds in PPF a/c is that the totally process is being held by government with no taxation problems and along with tenure of 15 years.

· For retirement planning, it is favorable to invest in National Pension Scheme, which could start itself during the work life and a lump sum amount, re-new annuity to get regular income after being retired.

· By taking out time, considering a financial advisor’s guideline, women can also seek out for investing in Corporate Fixed Deposits (FDs).

(i) It basically, if you want to make investment as a FD in a company.

(ii) It gives you higher returns than investing for as usual bank FDs.

(iii) Do check out for credentials of a company, you’re going to invest in also look upon its re-payment record.

· Equity and Debt funds can also make a higher yield promising a assured return.

· Another option is about Bullion, when one could invest in gold, silver and other precious metals, do check upon the price hikes to obtain a favorable return.

3. For women delivering ultimate roles as ‘Housewives’ :

Being a housewife, becomes a typical strenuous task, as to play different roles and a major care-taker for family. Since, a housewife has no source of income, is a kind of dependent of a man for managing finances and for sure, she is that smart to keep her saving, able to manage the family budget. Today’s housewife is becoming that able to gain knowledge, from each single source. So why her money can’t make money?

Some choices to opt from :

· One of the most convenient option to invest the savings into a Hybrid Bank Account, which works as a savings account, investment account and also offering a line of credit for its credit worthy customers.

· Another option is about Gold Mutual Funds, with minimum investment, and about investing in gold fund for physical gold, one can also buy pure gold at a lower cost, one could also invest for in stocks of gold companies, but with being fully informed.

4. For women who are Widow or Single Parent but Divorced :

Naturally circumstances and the whole situation takes a turn, when a woman turns to a widow, or faces a critical situation like divorce. It all turns up to a woman now to earn and take care of all the things, including dealing with children and fulfilling their wants. So this time, a woman can’t stand a chance to deal with any investment opportunity exposing to vast amount of risks. So it’s highly advisable to take help from financial planner to work on your finances and for your future goals to be reached well.

Some choices to opt from :

· Same as a married and working women, good choice for divorcees would be to invest in Public Provident Fund and get your retirement assured by National Pension Scheme, indeed a type of mutual fund with low cost.

· Savings Funds in case, any emergency occurs and investing it into a liquid fund to ensure returns when needed.

· Better idea is to start Savings Bonds as no interest will be accrued even on maturity.

· One can also invest in ‘Trusts’. It can be a good option, even for her old parents to be taken care of later. Medicaid Disability Trust is an example of it, a type of trust run by a non profit organization. But before signing up with someone for a trust, don’t forget to consider its legitimacy.

Well, to get an investment done, at initial stage could sound messy, as dealing with each single element considering assets. Ultimately, it becomes important to stay in touch, by tracking, related to your investment at end of month, to ensure about its performance, whether it’s exposing to risks or yielding profits.

Be calm and I am sure, every woman can get through this by their diligence and their tactful sense.

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