Nature’s most perfect fertilizer is manure. The same substance we often speak of as the “dung” of life is what makes the most beautiful flowers, yielding a garden where all things can grow.  In today’s discordant world, to hold both the painful and uncertain aspects of life as part of the whole is what allows us to move forward with faith — knowing that life’s most disturbing elements can often bring about the greatest change.

Here, Dr. Jacob Israel Liberman shares the inner workings of a paradigm shift and the social, emotional and spiritual unrest required to send evolution into a higher state.  Exploring the concept of “Human Homeopathy”, he reveals how the allergen itself may actually be the ultimate cure. 

We hope you’ll enjoy this excerpt from Luminous Life: How the Science of Light Unlocks the Art of Living in which Dr. Jacob Israel Liberman illuminates the often painful yet transformative power of disharmony to inspire long-lasting change.

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According to psychologist and author Rollo May, “One does not become fully human painlessly.” We have an opportunity to embrace each situation with an open heart, recognizing that encountering disturbance and obstacles in one’s life is not necessarily problematic. A grain of sand irritating an oyster creates a pearl. Whether we are discussing physics, chemistry, or human interactions, disruption is the catalyst that often brings change. Electrons jump to a higher orbit when they are perturbed. Chemical reactions occur when homeostasis or stability is disturbed. And human beings often transform themselves when they are stressed. We cannot even wash our clothes without agitation . . . .


Homeopathy is a system of alternative medicine in which like cures like. In essence, the same substance that causes our symptoms is the one that ultimately is part of the cure; the remedy is energetically identical to its affliction. In human homeopathy, we experience allergic reactions to certain types of people and experiences. Until now, when you encountered one of these situations and the allergic reaction that ensued, you probably pushed it away or tried to calm yourself with distraction. The moment we experience something in life that triggers sensitivity or reaction, the mind automatically tries to change the subject or withdraw as a way of protecting us from uncomfortable feelings. However, there is an alternative: accepting and embracing the allergen. Right now, you may have one or more allergies to life situations and people, and when encountered, these allergies take you from a state of ease to a state of dis-ease. If ignored, dis-ease can become the foundation for disease. As in the practice of medical homeopathy, the answer is not avoidance. It is gently embracing the situation or person until you are able to naturally accept its therapeutic value.

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We can learn a great deal about life by noticing how the roots of a tree deal with obstacles. When roots encounter rocks obstructing their passage, they usually encircle the rocks and embrace them, transforming an impediment into an advantage that ultimately strengthens their foundation. The same is also true of our own lives. As we embrace the miraculous intelligence of life, our roots deepen, providing a sense of fluid stability that keeps us poised and directed even in the presence of strong winds.

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Excerpted from the book, Luminous Life. Copyright © 2018 Jacob Israel Liberman. Reprinted with permission from New World Library.

Written by Jacob Israel Liberman