I’m a big believer in taking some time to find peace with yourself after a long day, whether after long hours in the office or long hours studying. The one Microstep that helps me find that moment of peace is logging off from work completely and carving out time to work out. I love to go for a long run. Having one hour to myself, just to look up at the sky while running, helps me recharge. It’s also one hour where I can listen to my favorite classical music playlist. And if it is one of those harder days, I like to come home and pour myself a glass of red wine to relax.

I started incorporating this practice into my routine when I was younger. I always enjoyed having some time for silence after a long day. It was easier to “log off” and enjoy the evening. Plus, with the rise of technology today and how often we are constantly connecting online, it has been harder to disconnect. I’ve learned that running really allows me to leave the phone alone and focus on what’s around me. It allows me to decompress, refocus, and recharge. It also allows me to think about the day behind me and plan out my next day.

We are also lucky to enjoy some summer weekends on the lake, which really helps me reset from stress. During the evenings when I look up into the sky, I am mesmerized by the infinite number of stars. It’s something we do not see in the city! 

When it comes to finding connection at work, we have moved into a remote environment., so utilizing technology to communicate has become the norm. I’ve found that learning to understand non-verbal queues is important to ensure that the team is aligned and focused.  I have become better at looking at the teleconference screen, watching the team, and asking open-ended questions to engage with each team member to ensure that we are all on the same mission. 

If I could go back and give my younger self one piece of advice, I would say, “Today is the tomorrow that you worried about yesterday.”  I would advise my younger self that you are only human, and no matter how many hours are in the day, you will always have tomorrow.  Focus on today’s accomplishments and set goals for tomorrow. Remain task and goal-oriented. I’m proud that today my mindset has shifted from being fearful of losing focus during the day to allowing myself to sit in silence for ten minutes and just tell myself, “It’s going to be okay.”


  • Abel Guevara III

    Vice President of Revenue Cycle & Market Access at Abilitech Medical, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors for BOC (Board of Certification/Accreditation), Doctor of Health Administration Candidate at Medical University of South Carolina

    Abel Guevara is a Durable Medical Equipment Prosthetics Orthotics and Supplies (DMEPOS) subject matter expert with over two decades of progressive healthcare operations, compliance, and revenue cycle management experience. As Abilitech’s Vice President of Revenue Cycle and Market Access, Abel works with patients, clinicians and payers to provide the necessary documentation and patient outcomes to support and navigate the reimbursement process. Prior to joining the Abilitech Medical team, Abel held leadership roles at both payers and device companies within the DMEPOS industry. He currently serves as the Vice Chairman of the Board of Certification/Accreditation (BOC), a CMS-deemed accreditation and DMEPOS certification company. Abel is a doctoral candidate at the Medical University of South Carolina and will earn his Doctor of Health Administration degree at the end of this year. He currently holds a Master of Health Information Management degree from Texas State University