Growing up, I have always heard the statement that being kind towards others is for your benefit.

Kindness is synonymous with doing good to or for others. It is choosing to put others’ needs before and helping them. Acts of kindness may be as simplistic as making tea for someone or giving up your seat on the bus for someone in need. Our actions motivated by kindness are good deeds.

Well, being kind is a good personality trait, so this part was clear. But, what troubled my silly mind was the connection between acts of kindness and mental health. I was unable to understand how being kind towards others can benefit your mental health.

Although it’s been a long time since I first learned about kindness and mental health link, it wasn’t until today that I resolved this mystery once and for all. And, it turned to be pretty interesting.

Learn about it yourself below!

Gives birth to Happiness

Every act of kindness boost levels of happiness significantly. Thus, giving birth to a happier and positive state of mind. A recent study confirms this phenomenon. The study comprised three groups of people:

  • Group A: They committed an act of kindness for ten days.
  • Group B: They tried something new each day.
  • Group C: They did not get any instructions.

Amongst these, Group A and B exhibited the highest boosts of happiness, while the third exhibited no change. Hence, it even proved in practice how kindness practically gives birth to happiness. Be it with self or with others

Nurtures the Roots of Peace

Kindness does not always refer to being good towards others. Sometimes, you need to be good to yourself too. Kindness is for everyone, and you deserve some of it too.

Being kind to yourself helps in developing feelings of satisfaction and self-sufficiency. You see, when you are doing things for yourself and catering to your needs, you are helping yourself become a better version.

You are taming those wild parts of you, solving those complex sum, and simply being you. Kindness teaches you to love and embrace yourself. Hence, helping you form a truce within yourself.

As an individual, you can be kind to yourself by celebrating some me time. During the pandemic, several people have found the opportunity to quit the regular hectic life for some time and explore themselves. You can try out new hobbies and work on new skills. Or, maybe, watch some exciting shows and eat lots of popcorn!

Kindness towards yourself also means catering to your mental health concerns. If you find them serious, you can seek professional assistance or contact mental health improving startups.  There are detailed reviews of all the well-known startups present at Zenmaster Wellness.

Fosters the feelings of Togetherness

Loneliness and isolation play a crucial factor in increasing mental health problems. People who feel isolated or alone can develop issues, such as depressions and anxiety.

However, helping others through kindness establishes feelings of togetherness. When we help others, it makes us feel connected with them. For example, when volunteering, doing things for others stimulates feelings of belonging and wanted.

These emotions encourage us to participate in daily life activities and pop the bubble of isolation enclosing us. Plus, we also make new friends, interact with the community, and strengthen social connections.  

Makes the World a Better Place

You can’t stay sane in a world that keeps bashing, dominating, and unfairly overpowering. Can you? You probably can’t stay sane in an unreasonably selfish world.

For that very reason, for the sake of stable and prosperous mental health, we need to fill up the world with the ultimate antidote of all evil and harmful things, i.e., kindness.

Albert Schweitzer once said constant acts of kindness change the world. He compared kindness to the warmth of the sun. Just like the sun melts the ice, kindness eradicates mistrust, hostility, and misunderstandings. Thus, giving rise to deeper bonds of trust, love, and care, ensuring a calmer and healthy state of mind of all involved individuals.

So, remember, even as you pass a smile, plant a tree, share a meal, or maybe give up your seat, you’re contributing to the greater good: the spread of kindness. You’re doing your part in changing the world for good. So stay thankful, stay kind. Do justice to your existence.