Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese treatment method normally used in the West (for more than 2500 years of use). The technique involves insertion of thin needles in the skin to stimulate the body flow of energy. The needles are inserted to a specific part of the body depending n the kind of treatment to be given. Currently the use of acupuncture has grown rapidly in Western countries, United States and Canada. The needles don’t hurt and they are inserted where nerves and muscles meet or, muscles and bones.
As stated by the World Health Organization (WHO) the technique heals more than 28 diseases though it is not a conclusive figure. It is well-known for its’ relieve of intensive pains. The technique heals diseases like back pains, pregnancy pains, menstrual cramps, digestive system, reduce chemotherapy nausea, headache, knee pain and to an extent depression. It also assist patients with sleeping disorders and give them adding to them more sleep.

A trained practitioner is needed to carry out the technique using sterilized needles. The patient needs preparations on the same and the procedure explained on the same. Once the consent of the patient is permitted it’s time for the procedure. The procedure is known not to be relaxing thus no need of alarm.
The sessions required are up to 12 sessions lasting from 25-30 minutes. The procedure applied is that first the patient is assessed for the condition and advised accordingly. The patient lies down depending on the side being worked on (where needles are to be inserted). When the needles are at the required insertion depth the patient feels a sensation that is not painful. It normally uses 20 needles which are used altogether.
The benefits of acupuncture:
• Safest way of treatment if done by practitioner.
• Reduces stress and assist in hormone balancing.
• It can reduce pains that are chronic.
• It has fewer side effects compared to medicine treatment.
• It is practical alternative for pain medication.
• It assists in chemotherapy nausea relief.
The risks include:
• Not suitable for patients with bleeding disorders
• Bleeding in case the insertion caused bruises
• Use of non sterilized needles causes infection.
• Soreness may occur on the areas of insertion.
The treatment therefore is suitable for overall body relief. The point to note is that it acts differently to different people. Also using acupuncture before the start of a surgery helps relieve after surgery pain. When used as an adjacent treatment it works well. More studies shows that many people are adopting the technique due to its spreading effectiveness. Therefore it is a viable way of treatment due to its lesser risks and also its total body relaxing effects. The facts to note is that the needles don’t harm the patient but only when done by a specialist.

As long as one belief and conscience are correct acupuncture is a reliable relaxing treatment.Just like any other treatment the patient decides whether to take it or not.

It has been used by many currently though there has been a Christian challenge as referenced by Lewith G. Acupuncture. The Practitioner 1986; 230: 1057-1063 (December).

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