Numerous people want a lot of followers on social media, but they don’t know what the possible long-term result is. We spoke to various amounts of influencers on what their number one stress is, and they mostly answered the same thing: creating content. It’s not a surprise because that’s why people follow them — because of their content.

We asked AJ Cartas, who has been a social media influencer since 2013, on how he handles stress. Here are his methods, and he tells why they’re essential.

1. Getting enough sleep.

Sleep is essential, and you need to learn when to shut off your brain. Burning the midnight oil is not worth it when you can rest now and wake up earlier to finish the tasks you need to beat.

On average, an eight-hour sleep is suggested, but some people can function with as little as six hours of sleep or need at least nine or ten hours of sleep.

2. Working out

Going to the gym not only helps you stay fit physically, but it can also help you mentally by taking you out of your workspace. It’s also good for your posture because a lot of us are sitting down in a chair most of the time. Mobility is a huge factor in staying fit.

3. Eating the right food

People think that working out is enough, but you also need to realize the type of food you’re putting in your body.

It’s better to take food like their medicine now rather than later when you’re taking medicine as your food.

4. Meditating

I use the app, Calm, which offers guided meditation. I also use it to help me sleep by playing the sound of the waves or listening to Matthew McConaughey’s sleep story. It’s like a bedtime story, but for adults.

5. Reading

Reading can easily take your wandering mind away if you think about your work often. You don’t always have to read books about work. You can try exploring other genres, such as fiction.

6. Take a walk

Did you know walking outside actually helps clear your mind and lowers diabetes and heart disease risk? It also improves your mental health.

This activity is called shinrin-yoku, or “forest bathing” in Japan.

As a veteran influencer, Cartas hopes that more people, not just influencers, actually do some of these methods, if not all. Everything is connected so if you’re not feeling great physically, mentally, or emotionally, you will be impacted, and won’t function at 100%