Alex Bostanian is an International Entrepreneur, Influencer, Philanthropist, and Motivator based in Los Angeles, California.

He is the co-founder of several different companies in the following industries Entertainment, Real Estate Development, Logistics, Import/Export of automotive goods, and most recently a health and wellness brand/company that involves the production and sale of premium, all natural organic Cannabidiol infused products called ShopElyxir.

The inspiration for his company was drawn from a neck injury Bostanian suffered due to a gym-related accident. “After years of exploring remedies in conventional medicine, a friend of mine suggested I try Cannabidiol infused products to manage my pain.. Upon first use, my pain immediately became more manageable, and shortly thereafter I was able to regain control of my life again!.. I was suffering from debilitating pain which had severely impacted my physical and mental well-being.” 

Alex Bostanian has harnessed his Instagram fame to become one of IG’s most successful public icons. He attributes his success to his ‘persistence and resolve in wanting to help others, and make a positive impact on society.’
“I created a company and product that I’m extremely passionate about, and am proud to put my name on. My philosophy is If you wouldn’t use the product or service yourself, don’t expect others to either..”

You can follow all his daily activities on Instagram