I got into gambling & bets at a fairly early stage of my life. This progressed from early teen years up to when I was 18 – Finally I was old enough to actually not worry about getting caught gambling.

I haven’t realised (or didn’t want to admit) I was an addict until I woke up one morning after a night of playing Casino games…Only to realise I had 16$ left in my bank account. Well in fact, it was -$284 and I had a credit card limit of $300.

That was the time I decided to CHANGE my life around.

What I noticed is that I was always an “All-In” type of person. When I was gambling, that trait was a negative one. But what I did that really changed my life is that I turned the negative obsession (addiction) into a positive one.

I went all in on books, seminars, workshops and self-developement programs. Every dolar I would usually spend on gambling, I bought something that would help me grow.

I remember my first salary after I decided to quit gambling – I invested well over $500 on books. I bought books I didn’t even want to read, just so I didn’t went back behind the tables.

So here’s something for you, if you’re also fighting anxiety because of gambling issues.

1. Realise you are not alone in this. There are people around you that are going through the same thing. Don’t worry about someone judging you. Confess to someone, so they will hold you accountable in your actions. One of the hardest things for me was to admit my flaw to my girlfriend. Instead of leaving me, she was the rock that hold me accountable to not play a game of poker since then.

2. Take your negative obsession, and turn it into a positive one. If right now gambling is giving you the thrill, figure out what makes you happy and excited on the positive side of the deal. Once you find it, go all-in on that. Devote all your time on energy on that (and money if you have to), so you won’t even have time nor energy to do the negative obsession you have.

3. Realise that your negative obsession is a problem, that will affect not only you but also people around you. There’s people that depends on you. Don’t be selfish by keeping this problem for yourself and just making it worse.

I promise you, your life will be significantly better once you realise that the only reason you have “fun” gambling, is because of the thrill and excitement that happens DURING the action, and not because of the outcome itself. That’s what makes it even more dangerous, as you don’t look at the outcome but you just enjoy pleasure during the action.

Take action TODAY, and turn your negative obsession into a positive one. If I was able to turn my gambling addiction to a 6-figure business at age of 23, I promise you, YOU can do the same.

Your life depends on it.

If you want you can always reach out to me at [email protected] and I will talk you out of it. Le tme be your accountability partner.

To your success,