The modeling world is often in the media limelight. Modeling is almost often portrayed as a glamorous career that is all about designer clothes, expensive accessories, chasing fame, traveling the world, and earning a lot of money. This showcase of the modeling industry has led many aspiring models to expect everything to be just perfect. The reality of the modeling world is not only about its highs. There are lows as a model too that is usually not talked about.

Amanda Van Annan’s new book “Win the Runway” provides useful information for aspiring models to navigate their way through the modeling industry. The British actor and model has covered many aspects of the modeling world that models need to know to build a successful career. The book unveils the good, the bad, and the ugly side of the industry. It discusses the most controversial topics in modeling like nepotism, racism, sexual abuse, and drug abuse. While these issues have long been a part of the industry, it hasn’t received much attention. Amanda Van Annan wants to talk about uncomfortable things and also shares tips on how models can face and overcome challenges in the modeling industry.

“Win The Runway” is not only about the downside of the modeling industry. It is a complete go-to guide for an aspiring model who wants to make it big in the industry. Amanda Van Annan is an experienced model with over two decades of experience in the industry. She started her career at the age of 16 and has worked with a lot of globally renowned brands. With the knowledge she has acquired through her many years of experience as a model, Amanda Van Annan wants to help potential models navigate open-calls, castings, agencies, and photoshoots. 

There are several challenges that young models have to face in their journey to be successful models. “Win The Runway” provides guidance on how aspiring models should take care of themselves and conduct themselves in the industry.

Amanda Van Annan has added a workbook for models at the end of “Win The Runway”. This workbook will give potential models everything needed to build a wonderful career in the industry.

Amanda Van Annan is determined to take her initiative to the next level. She wants to extend her guidance to more aspiring models around the world. To accomplish this, she will soon launch her online model coaching program. To launch this program she has teamed up with renowned photographers, models, and agents. The online program can be accessed by aspiring models from all over the world. 

To work on her entrepreneurial dreams, Amanda Van Annan is launching a multi-brand beauty e-commerce website. This is an ambitious project as it involves several brands. Currently, she is more focused on her book and the online model life coaching program. She wants her book to reach more aspiring models to help them on their journey to success.

Win The Runway is available June 15th 2021.