To have an abundant life means to live a life full of joy and strength physically, mentally, and spiritually. All too often, entrepreneurs and business professionals find themselves at the opposite end of the spectrum.  Instead of experiencing abundance, they experience feelings of emptiness and dissatisfaction, causing them to lose motivation or question whether what they are doing is worth it, or if it’s time to make a change. After studying a degree in Finance, which led her to a successful career in banking and economics, Adrienne Eliza realised that it was time for her to make a change in her own life. Stepping away from the corporate life and the job security it brought, Adrienne decided to fully invest into herself, and from it  A Well Planted Life was born.

 A Well Planted Life was born from Adrienne’s love of finance, and her desire to help more women understand that there is more to life than going down the 9-5 career path that society pushes on us. Adrienne has developed courses that focus on money mindset and manifestation coaching.  In teaching others how to rethink the way we think about money, Adrienne actually helps her clients make more money, without them having to work harder. 

“My mission is to show people that how you feel about money directly affects how much money you allow into your business and life,” Adrienne says. “If you develop an amazing relationship with money, and really step into an abundant mindset and self, you set yourself on a path to making all the money you could ever desire,” she claims.  We sat down with Adrienne and picked her brains on how to create an abundant life that brings with it joy and financial fulfilment.

What is the number one thing you teach your clients?

Adrienne: I teach my clients that mindset, particularly adopting a positive money mindset is the most important thing. If you don’t have the right mindset, any strategy will stay locked in a cupboard. I have had to work on my money mindset daily, and have taken myself from a place of lacking, to an incredible abundance mindset where my wildest dreams are no longer a distant hope. They are manifesting themselves right now!

Do you also then teach your clients how to manifest the things they want the most?

Adrienne: When it comes to manifestation, I prefer to work with them on finding a manifestation routine that works for them. There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach when it comes to anything, especially any kind of routine. I have perfected a daily conscious manifestation routine that works for me, and it puts me on the right track to act on my greatest desires every day. So, I don’t tell clients to implement my routine, instead I coach them in finding a conscious manifestation routine that works for them.

How do you find the energy to propel yourself forward when you’re feeling overwhelmed?

Adrienne: I strongly believe in the need to master your own energy.  Obviously, there will be times when this is harder to do than others, but it’s important to keep in mind that whatever you put out, will come back to you in greater proportions. I’ve invested all my energy into myself and bet all my money on my success, and I have never ever looked back. I have raised myself to a place of abundance and prosperity, through positivity and happiness. And that for me has been the key to keeping overwhelm and dissatisfaction at bay.

What advice do you have on attracting your dream clients?

Adrienne: Your actions shape the type of person you are. As the old saying goes, who you attract is a reflection of you. I know that whatever actions I have taken have made me the person that I am today. I make sure to consciously stay humble, kind, and generous, and make it a point to practice gratitude daily. These are all the types of attributes that make up my dream clients, and by remaining true to myself in this way, and sharing these aspects of myself through social media, I’ve been able to attract like-minded women to my programs. 

What is the best advice you can give in regards to making more money? 

Adrienne: Have clear intentions on how much it is that you want to make, why you want to make that amount, and how it makes/would make you feel. I focus heavily on the mindset around money, rather than pure strategy. My company builds programs on the belief that how we feel about money, directly affects how much money we can make!

Thanks so much for doing this with us! Wishing you all the best

If you’re ready for a coach that is just as equally invested in business as you, or simply want to find out more about Adrienne’s coaching programs, check out her free money-mindset masterclass here.