In this tight labor market, employees and employers alike are constantly on the hunt for tips and tricks to transform the 9-5 workday. One of the fastest-growing employee benefits in the U.S. is the option for a standing desk. This is in part due to the recent studies that have found by reducing “excessive sitting” to less than three hours a day, the U.S. life expectancy could increase by two years.

Did you know, research shows that the average person sits for almost 12 hours per day. That is an insane amount of time to remain sedentary. A truly ergonomic work space set up goes beyond a standing desk and optimizes the workplace through additional accessories such as standing matts, ergonomic chairs, monitor arms, ergonomic keyboards and mouse pads, to ensure employees are as comfortable and efficient as possible.

Here are a few unique ways that an ergonomic desk set up can not only improve overall wellness for employees, but moves beyond to transform the workplace on a deeper level.


Research shows when employees are given the option of standing desks, their productivity can increase by up to 23 percent.  So, if you’re trying to convince your boss to invest in standing desks for the office, you might want to share this small study by BMJ. In the study, researchers measured mental health and job performance of desk-sitters vs. desk-standers. By the end of the trial, they found that people using sit-stand desks were more engaged at work and better at their jobs than their chair-bound counterparts. The sit-stand desk users also reported less job-related fatigue, less lower back issues, higher quality of life and less anxiety.

Company Culture

Standing desks have proven impact on company culture by allowing employees to be more energetic, participative and engaged. When standing up, employees are given an entirely different perspective of the office. It allows them to see things that were not otherwise in view. A study by Dr. Mark Benden back in 2014, found that students standing in a classroom were expending more energy and were participating more, as opposed to students who were seated in a regular classroom environment.

When employees are standing, for the most part, they are consequently healthier. Since they are healthier, they tend to be more active in things like office parties, organizing charities and other events. Team building events can, as a result, be more successful when all employees are engaged and healthy. All of which contributes towards a healthy office culture.

Health Benefits

We’ve all heard the term ‘sitting is the new smoking,’ and the option to stand at a desk throughout the day is proven to be beneficial for posture, circulation and overall energy.

The Takeaway

Standing desks and ergonomic desk set ups keep employees active, social and energetic. So, whether a company fosters customer service employees or those churning through paperwork in a cubicle, a standing desk is an excellent addition for fostering a healthy business culture. A standing desk is a minor tweak but one with significant returns. If you need help figuring out what desk set up is right for you. Check out Eureka Ergonomic.