New players are consistently entering the online marketing industry. At the same time, more and more users are gaining access to technology, social media platforms, and email channels. As a result, the e-commerce markets have become very saturated and it’s easy for any of the involved sectors to become overwhelmed. The competition to get online content seen by consumers in their feeds has never been this tight. This could spell bad news for brands that focus significantly on digital media.

As is often the case, innovation is the solution to the current issues faced by global brands in this new marketing era. And Andrew Viera is one of the leaders in charge- using the newest and most innovative strategies in marketing and advertising. He is the founder of Viera Media, a growth hacking agency that creates, designs, and executes powerful strategies that are highly focused on hard aspects of growth such as revenue, rather than softer aspects like brand awareness. Viera and his team only work with the latest marketing technology to help global brands stay ahead of the curve. These include Viral Marketing, Digital Ads, Design, and Direct Messaging.

On top of Viera Media’s list of priorities is discovering what makes a relationship special between the brands and the target audience. Viera stresses the importance of privately nurturing the audience through targeted mass personalization. Because of how the saturated e-commerce market bombards consumers with so many sales offers, they now respond better to private experiences that cater to them and them only. This is how winning brands create stronger connections with their audiences.

As older strategies like organic social media and email marketing leverage are becoming less effective, Viera helps global brands use paid content placement as a way to mass personalize their reach. Regularly posting online content is no longer enough to drive organic traffic to a brand’s page. Viera and his team at Viera Media maximize their clients’ returns-on-investment by leveraging exclusive technology that allows them to distribute more private content directly to their audience’s message inboxes. They are able to create unique experiences for each user on a massive scale, which in turn results in more loyal consumers.

The experts at Viera Media have years of growth hacking experience that enables them to redirect a brand’s resources properly, optimize methods and ideas with the highest potential, and increase profitability. Viera is motivated to help impactful brands, especially socially conscious brands, succeed and become industry giants.