For millions, addiction can be a very difficult thing to overcome. Many  have lost loved ones or have faced this issue themselves. Often people are unsure of where  to turn, how to get help and where to start. Thanks to Angie Manson and her passion for  helping others with the life saving; Elevate Addiction Services, many are  now able to find support through their addiction recovery journey. 

What makes Angie such a good leader, as the Chief Executive Officer is the fact she has been through  addiction herself. After starting to use drugs and alcohol at only 11 years old in her 24-hour home town of Reno, Nevada, Angie started on the most eventful journey of her life. 

At 16 her drug and alcohol abuse had worsened, causing her family to decide to stage an  intervention, which ended up in Angie going to jail and her first experiences in a treatment  center. Instead of getting clean and recovering, Angie learned to manipulate the system. 

By 18 Angie had no one to bail her out or hold her accountable for her growing addiction  and criminal behaviours until she was facing a 10-year prison sentence. However, Angie was  lucky enough to have a compassionate judge who was also in recovery, decided the best  course of action for Angie was a sentenced treatment program, rather than wasted time in  prison. After a few months, Angie began to work and give back to others. For the first time  in her life she developed a passion for giving back to others and realized her true life  purpose, helping those in need. 

Once Angie completed the treatment program she continued to work in rehabilitation,  giving back to society and gaining more time sober. After she had completed three years of  probation and having worked full-time in treatment, her judge cleared her criminal record  and gave Angie a ‘clean slate’ to rebuild her life. 

Angie is following her passion to help others struggling with addiction, which she  now calls her ‘true calling’ in life. She co-owns the award-winning Elevate Addiction  Service, which is a licensed rehabilitation center.   One location houses a CrossFit licenced gym, to help more people recover from their addiction in a holistic, non-judgmental approach that makes sure everyone can recover at their own pace, with no pressure to recover instantly. She owes  Elevate Addiction Services success to the clients who have graduated from the life-changing platform.

Angie works every day towards her success and pushes her comfort zone. She continues to  be inspired by her grandparents for believing in her and her mother for teaching her some  much-needed tough love. Angie has fought her battle with addiction, continues to push her physical fitness and endurance with a heart condition all while fighting for others in need of doing the same. 

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