At the start of 2017, I decided that I want to begin writing on various platforms to speak to a wider audience. I did what most people do: a Google search of the top platforms and progressed to watch YouTube videos on how to become a contributor. I then saw a video about writing for Huffington Post which lead me to Arianna Huffington. I sent her an email and two weeks later she replied. I initially thought it was a joke, but then looked at the address, and for sure, it was Arianna. Her humility and patience to respond to my email out of probably thousands in her inbox, resonated with all of the authentic core values that I appreciate in people.

Arianna Huffington went on to invite me to write for her new company Thrive Global. I remember looking at the name and thinking, Wow! That sounds very interesting and was sold as soon as I read up on what it’s core values are. I had a vision of people all around the world thriving because of this amazing “positive” < key word, platform. With so much negativity being pushed down our throats everyday from the news, politics, magazines and social media, it’s refresting to find a platform that is strictly good vibes and calm. I get a sense of tranquility when I visit Thrive Global and as more and more people engage with Thrives products, programmes and services, I believe that it will truly revolutionize the world of personal development, business and inside the homes of people. I commend and endorse this platform and I am very humbled to be a contributor.

Thrive Global is born in response to the need to take control of our lives, offering new strategies and tools, based on the latest science, to address the unintended consequences of these profound and invasive changes

— Arianna Huffington

With core values and goals to bring about change such as: Calm, Joy, Purpose, Well-Being, and Productivity, who can deny any of these upgrades in life? Well certainly not me.

Onwards and Upwards — Let’s Thrive together and be a part of the bigger change that the world is desperatly waiting for.

Written by Steve Whyte

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