It is inherently human to want to reflect your own style and personality in your home or workplace. We purchase art to create a certain feeling or mood in our spaces and to complete the room.

Some people seem to understand instinctively which artworks to buy and where they should go. While others are afraid of selecting the wrong piece of art. Let’s face it – selecting art can be a stressful process for many as pressure arises to find hidden elements, understand line, form and function or to figure out what the artist is expressing. As a result, people often turn to the ‘safe’ option of popular mass-produced prints instead of purchasing an original or limited-edition piece of art.

For those of us who still want to find a n unique piece but don’t have the confidence to select the right piece –  I am here to help.

I’m an artist and here to reassure you that it needn’t be that hard. Don’t overthink it and don’t over complicate it, let the artwork choose you. If you find yourself going back to the same piece of art, ask yourself why? How does it make you feel? Does it remind you of your childhood, or of a happy time or place? Is it the colours or the mood that draws you?

When immersed in one of my artworks you may feel a positive emotional connection. I call this state ‘Fleurtopia’. Fleurtopia is a reference to my first piece ‘Fleur’ as she made people happy when they viewed her. They recognised something of themselves in her from a prior positive experience.

“My approach to art is to evoke emotions rather than portray them.”

By using colour therapy theory and carefully selecting each element, every piece I create evokes a different positive emotion and stimulates the senses. When you repeat the same face motif but create different backgrounds you notice people are drawn naturally to different works.

My advice is to trust your intuition and be guided by the colours you like, rather than being distracted by what is popular or on trend. An artwork that evokes positive emotions for you, should take pride of place. You shouldn’t buy art to please others, make your experience a ‘Fleutopia’ experience. Trust the process and let the artwork choose you.

If you are curious about my process and use of colours I invite you to have a look at my website.