Tania Ingerson

My life is driven by passion; a passion for people to see beauty in nature through my art. I’m
at my happiest when I’m in the middle of a field. The sun is warm and all I can hear are the
sounds of nature. My camera is ready to capture the sun filtering through the trees in a
photograph I already know people around the world will love.

But my life wasn’t always like this. For years I worked in the corporate world, giving
speeches on my speciality of technology and education. I was even nominated for Business
Woman Of The Year. But was I happy? Was I at peace with myself?

I was successful, definitely, but I was constantly stressed – and to be honest, a little bored. I hated the politics
of the corporate world. I disliked the corporate uniform of a navy blue suit. Whenever I could
escape I would find myself photographing nature, sometimes for hours.

I was on this treadmill of work to live instead of live to work when I met my husband, an artist
and a musician. It was then that my life dramatically changed. David gave me the courage
and inspiration to do art full-time, to leave the corporate world and find wonder in my life by
doing something that not only I loved, but something which gave me peace and brought
harmony into my life and those of others.

I remember Richard Branson once saying in one of his books that doing good was good for
business – and that was really a light bulb moment for me. Since then, everything I do is for
good – whether it’s helping other artists have the courage to create full time – or helping
people in the community, or even by helping people recognise the immense beauty in nature
through my photographs, which I now sell all over the world.

So everything I do now I do for good. As well as my photography, I hold a podcast, which is
a resource for artists to learn from other artists how they achieved full-time careers, and run
events for artists out of the Adelaide Business Hub in Port Adelaide.

Helping others achieve their dream is my passion and my reason for being. Many have left jobs they felt were truly
dreadful to do wondrous things as artists. They are musicians, painters, photographers – one
was even an arts co-ordinator at a local council. I love it when an artist works out how to use their creativity as a business.

Artists producing art is what humanity needs more than ever. The photo I took of Kangaroo Island after the fires ignited a lot of emotion in people; they felt connected even though they had never been there.

Kangaroo Island art post fires

That gave me a true moment of wonder, the wonder of connecting with people through my art. I know, as I continue my artistic journey, I will feel many more moments of wonder.