Bill Issler - How Augmented Reality Can Change in 2020_ Education

We’ve looked into augmented reality in various fields over the past few articles, but this time we’ve decided to take a look at how augmented reality is being used to improve education. Augmented reality can help educators get their students more involved which can improve their overall learning experience. Augmented reality has the ability to help students become better problem solvers, become better at working with others, and allows them to be creative. Beyond that, it’s also just a great way for students to learn about technology. Here are a few ways education has benefited from augmented reality.

Helps Visualize Concepts

Students have learned from textbooks and chalkboards for decades and sometimes concepts just don’t translate very well in words and flat drawings. With augmented reality, students can learn in new ways that might be better suited for them. For example, augmented reality is being used to teach math by using a mobile app to visualize fractions in space and allowing students to move the fractions around within that space. This isn’t something that could be done before AR was introduced. Other examples include using it to teach history by allowing students to visualize documents and trade routes of the past via smart glasses.

It Helps Education Become More Accessible

Beyond actually making education better for students, the use of AR technology also makes education more accessible around the globe for those who can’t easily access it. One great example is an app that the BBC created about vital organs. The app is available all around the world and it allows users to use the cameras on their mobile device to view 3D models of various organs that they can tap for more information. Other examples include augmented reality programs that help people learn new languages. 

Allows For The Refinement of Skills

When you look at higher education, AR can be used in various ways to help students improve their skills and knowledge. For example, AR can be used to make testing more efficient by presenting students with models of various things that they can then be tested on. Beyond testing, AR can be used to allow students to practice procedures, such as in the medical field. Another example is in the military where they use an app called Program-Ace to help cadets learn how to change the wheels on military vehicles without ever actually having to touch a vehicle.

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