You are you for a reason.

You were given your unique passions, struggles, and triumphs with a magnificent intention.

Powerfully owning, embracing and living your story is the purest way to build a successful, happy and impactful life that fuels your soul with courage and fulfillment.

And now, more than ever, the ability to speak and act as your true self is the very thing you need to live in a constant state of growth and purpose.

Stop Screwing Your SELF 

Know what’s the worst?

Doing things that feel undoubtedly out of alignment with who you are and what you’re really about.

Whether it’s working a job doesn’t light you up, talking to someone you think is lame and out of touch, or pretending to be something you’re not to try to impress people you think are super important for your success, there is nothing that drains your precious energy more than being fake to who you are.

Have you ever thought why doing this feels so damn icky?

It’s because your true self is screaming to you to stop the madness. 

The most glorious version of yourself, the joyful and abundant person that you were created to become, is trying like hell to guide you to where you know you should really be.

And wasting your time doing things that you know deep down aren’t representative of your unique awesomeness pull you away from becoming this person, and your inner-self hates that! 

When You’re Powerful, You’re Successful

Regardless of what your amazing goals are, you are more effective in moving toward them when you are filled with clarity, conviction, and drive.

You are most powerful when you are unbreakably connected with your real passions, speaking your unique truth, and taking massive actions to move yourself forward. 

When your thoughts, beliefs, and actions are all in beautiful alignment with the impactful life you truly want to create, incredible things happen. 

You become more courageous. 

You speak with more conviction. 

You act with certainty without second-guessing yourself or obsessing over the tiny details. 

And the right people, ideas, and opportunities seamlessly begin to flow into your life in the most majestically unpredictable ways. 

Remember, your true ambitions are not an accident. The universe created you and planted those desires within you for a specific reason. 

So mobilize all of your incredible strength, energy, and resilience and fearlessly begin taking steps in the direction you know you are being called.

What Are You Afraid Of?

Have you ever thought why it can be so scary to truly embrace our authentic self?

Why is it so hard to honestly speak what’s on our mind?

Why is it so daunting to take bold action on what we are really passionate about?

Why is it paralyzingly difficult to stand up and boldly show the world who we are what we really stand for?

Fear is the thing that holds us back. 

Fear of being judged or of looking foolish.

Fear of failing.

Fear of not being good enough to pursue and live the amazing life we know we deserve.

Always remember this: fear is simply an outdated survival mechanism designed to keep you safe and comfortable. 

It’s an overreaction to a threat that really isn’t there (unless you’re being attacked by a bear, then fear is relevant and super useful).

To live the incredible life you deserve as the most authentic version of yourself, you will have to take risks, try new things, and step into the unknown. So we can expect that fear will chime in whenever we are on the verge of evolving into a greater, newer version of ourselves.

Fear doesn’t mean you are weak or unworthy. And it certainly doesn’t mean you should back down and settle for mediocre.

Fear is simply an indicator you are doing something incredible, so use it as fuel for living life as your truest self.